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Children and Thyroid?

I went to the dr. this week for my hashi's and was talking to the dr. about my daughter who was diagnosed with Graves at 14.  They never did an antibody test so it is quite possible that she also has Hashi's but she said at this point (she's 24) testing her would probably not alter her treatment.  Her father was just diagnosed with Graves.  So now, she is hypo after RAI, her dad has Graves and I have Hashi's.  The doctor was very concerned then about my grandson who is almost 5 and said we need to keep an eye on him.  He has been diagnosed already with ADHD and is on meds for it (i hate that).  My question is - do children have thyroid problems that young or is it usually later in life?  It may sound like a stupid question to some people but I really don't know and I haven't had time to research it.  I didn't really even consider that he could have a problem at such a young age.  If this is possible, I want him tested immediately.  
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Yes, he can get thyroid disease that young. My kids are a bit older, but my endo told me to get then tested.
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Thanks Kitty.  I knew you would know.  He's supposed to go in next week to have blood work for the ADHD med he is on so I'm going to tell my daughter to have the doc test him for that too.  Who knows - that could be his problem and not ADHD.  I certainly hope he doesn't have it - no - I PRAY he doesn't have this.  
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Yes, get him tested early! I have read ADHD links to thyroid disease.
Your daughter may have to insist. My kid's ped would not order the tests, so my endo agreed to.
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There also is a Ped Endocrinology formum here at MedHelp that may help .. at the top of the page.

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Thank you all.  I am going to tell my daughter to insist.  I don't think our GP will have a problem with it.  Actually she was the one who said "We need to keep an eye on him and test him."  But, I didn't actually think when she said it that he could be so young and have it - the thought just never crossed my mind.  NOW, since I have like I have ADHD some days, I started to think that maybe that is not the root cause of his problem.  
ChitChatNine - Thank you.  I am going to check out that page.  

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