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Childs Thyroid levels??

Hi there I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.  I have a friend who's boy is 9 years old.  He is a very depressed little man,  Alot of anxiety and he does not sleep with out medication.  I asked her to have them do a thyroid test on him the next time he went to the doctor.  This is what she just called me with

T3 Total 1.9  Range Range(0.7-1.8)
TSH .807 Range (0.358-3.740)
T4 Free  1.21 Range (0.76-1.46)

Now just wondering because it this was me I know that I would be in an anxiety state.  Does anyone know if Children are different?
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I can't answer your question about whether or not children are different, but I'm sure someone will be along who can.  I would think that would be taken into consideration in the reference ranges, but not sure.

The TSH and FT4 are both in the normal range; the total T3 is relatively useless because it doesn't indicate how much of that T3 is actually available for use by the body.  You would need a Free T3 to get that information.  

Were there any other blood tests done?  Such as for antibodies -- TPOab or TGab?  Ultra sound?  
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No no other blood test done.
I'm just thinking that even though the TSH is in the Normal range it's low and the T3 total is high and the T4 is on the high end also.  I think he is having hyperthyroid symptoms,  
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i was diagnosed with graves at 14 and i had loose bowels, extreme weight loss, couldnt sleep bc i was wired, tremors, unable to control emotions (cry or laugh for no reason) but i never had depression until i was underactive due to a high dose of meds. if he is depressed i wouldnt think he was hyperactive bc i was extreme overactive and honestly never had the issue.  i dont remember anything about levels so cant help there but i hope it gets figured out soon. poor guy!!   good luck!
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I would have to say his Anxiety is worst than the depression.  His moods change very fast from laughing to crying.  In the past year I have never known him to get a good night sleep.   He is always hot when everyone is cold.  Short sleeve shirts when it's in the low 50'S.  I'm really worried about his moods.  I just don't want them to keep pushing different medications on him if they really don't know what is causing his mood changes.  His mother is at the end of her rope and does not know what else to do for him.  Any test that you all would recommand if you don't think this could be thyroid related?
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