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Clearing Throat

I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's.  I don't know if my problem is related to this or something else but the problem has been constant for the past 7 years.  When I was diagnosed with the Hashimotos, it was because I had undergon tests to address this problem.

This is the problem - 7 years ago I had a bad case of bronchitis.  After that my throat was never the same.  I am constantly clearing my throat.  My voice becomes very raspy.  It is necessary for me to drink water constantly.  Sometimes just swallowing will start a coughing fit.  I went through extensive testing about 4 years ago.  They biopsied my thyroid (no cancer), ran multiple blood tests, and a barium tests on my throat (found no obstructions).  This is when they did come to a conclusion my enlarged thyroid was due to hashimotos.  

I have adapted to this problem to the point I don't notice how often I clear my throat; however, I am a teacher.  My students have noticed numerous times.  Because I teach adults, every class there is always someone that gives me medical advice on how to solve my voice/throat problem.

I am due to see my endocrinologist next week.  I've discussed this issue with him and he has no specific answers.  I did not enjoy all of the tests I went through last time.  It would be nice to have a direction that would finally solve the issue.  Your advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

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I'll give it a try.  I guess it won't hurt!  I hope it works.

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I have the exact diagnoses HAshi hypo and sore throat and clearing. Horseness by the 3:00 bell --- I am the head secretary for a Pk4 - 8th grade school. I sound by the end of the day like a raspy wanna be rock star.

It is acid reflux - I didn't believe it either - but since I started( 2) Zantac 150 on in morning and one before bed, I notice a big change. I was told for many years , but I didn't believe them. I suffered for nothing.

Hashi slows everything down even digestion. You may not have the heartburn but it will effect your flow of digestion.

Since I have tried this now for 2 weeks I have a big improvement. Give it a try. Just make sure your acid meds are taken at least 4 hrs apart from you thyroid med. If taken to close together the acid med will wipe out the hormone replacement.
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