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Could someone help me understand recent thyroid lab results?

I'm hoping someone can help me understand my recent labs. My PCP called and said I'm hyperthyroid but my symptoms feel like hypothroid. Although when I look up symptoms for both...they often look similar! Im tired all the time, weight gain, brain fog...
My TSH was 0.046 with ref range of .450-4.50
T4 free(direct) 1.58 ref range 0.82-1.77
T3 free 3.2 ref range 2.0-4.4
Any insight would be helpful!
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I answered this member's duplicate post.  So let's let this one go.
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Im sorry! I didn't see your answer anywhere.  New to the site and trying to figure it out.  Didn't mean to irritate you gimel.
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Not irritated.  Just trying to prevent all the duplication of effort.   Check your other post.
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Thank you I just found it.  It really wasn't showing up before!
Yes I have been hypothyroid for 15 years been taking 60mg Armour. This spring my PCP called and said my labs showed the 60mg wasn't working so she rx'd 90mg Armour. Rechecked me 6 weeks later and labs showed I was over corrected so she switched me to 100mg synthroid with 10mg cytomel . Labs 6 weeks after the synthroid and cytomel are what I posted above. Hope this makes sense.  
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