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Date for u/s scan - what do they look for?

Good morning, I have had a call this morning to say there is a gap in next weeks clinic, (Wednesday), and they can fit me in for an u/sound on the remaining part of my thyroid.  I am delighted that it is going to be so soon but obviously nervous too.
They are going to check for any other nodules in the right lobe - please God none - and take it from there.
As I previously posted this is bringing up lots more questions and I am still waiting for a follow up with the Endo.  
I am still 'hot' and bothered - very tired and have aching joints and muscles particularly in my legs and hands.
I have decided therefore to take myself away for a few days break. Overnight I organised the family are all taken care of and of course the hubby is away again!  I am off to France to see my cousin, he is also my best friend, and will give me peace and space to think and rest.  I think it is exactly what I need after the last few months.  I am a bit nervous about going on my own - silly really as I have done this so many times before - but I think I am realising now that when you go through a life changing/re-evaluating situation like this NOTHING is the same any more!  
So anyway.  Won't be around for a few days - no wi-fi in rural France and we don't have a computer there -  but I will be thinking about you all.  Good luck and healing thoughts to anyone haveing surgeries or medical procedures. Thank you for caring about me when I was low.I
Catch up with you all next week.
J x

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Great news on the u/s date being moved up!  Waiting is so very difficult!

Have a great time J - I'm sure spending time with your cousin / bf in France will be wonderful.
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Enjoy your time away - I wish I could go too. Ahhh France - only a dream for me.
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