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Diet suggestions for RAI with diabetes

Hi all, me again.  I've been reading over the RAI diets and have a rather crazy question for you all.  

If you are diabetic (or pre-diabetic, depending on the doctor) and really stick to a low-carb diet, just what in the heck can you still eat while you are on the RAI diet??  

My lean meats, cheeses, low-carb yogurt are all on the "NO" list for RAI.  I know I won't be venturing into any restaurants or fast-food places but I'm a little lost on what to stock up on.  I can't even have tea and I'm supposed to be on the RAI diet for three weeks!

Remember, I'm in Utah and fresh fruits/veggies don't last too long here and it's turning cold so it will entail lots of trips to the store.

Am I going to be dining off of nothing but coffee (non-dairy creamer, of course) and bananas??
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A diet that consists mostly of fresh, low-fat, low-calorie foods. Seem like you have a large choice. Check out,if you haven't checked out already:  
http://www.theca.org/ray.him#diet  Theca:  Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, Inc.
The site has combination of diet guidelines on what not to eat and what to eat and even have a Free Theca Low Iodine Cookbook to download for more information and for recipes. However they recommend to check with your doctor before you start the diet because your doctor may have different guidelines.

Good luck with diet (you might lose some weight too, whether you need to or not:)) and RAI.  RAI is no big deal.   Keep us posted.

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Don't know why I haven't found that site before - thank you!  That answered some of the questions other sites had left.  And my diabetic diet has made me lose about 13 lbs in three months - I can't wait for the RAI diet too.  :-)

Thank you so much!
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You are welcome!  I am glad the site will be of some help.  Check out the site thoroughly other than the low iodine diet - I refer to this site often.

I am still studying the diet myself because I am still hyper even after RAI treatment.  After reading the site, my diet might be the cause of my hyperthyrodism other than my med. dose, which my doctor keeps lowering. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and on low/medium glycemic diet. Eggs, cheese and dairy are my only means of protein and complete amino acids, which with out them I will lose muscle mass especially when losing weight and probably would gain weight as well. I tried downloading the cook book but it didn't work.  Did you download it?

Congrats on the weight loss.(Y)

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So you have a similar problem - the low iodine diet mentiones fruit juices and sugars which, of course, I can't have and my diet is very heavy with cheeses, yogurt, and eggs.  Frustrating.  Looks like I'm going to be on mostly raw vegetables and fruit and a few nuts.  Yippee  :-(

I guess the weight loss has been good (down to 131 at 5'3") but RAI and diabetes is a rough way to go on a diet!  

Best of luck to you and thank you so very much for your help!

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