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Dizzy a year post thyroid removal

I had my thyroid totally removed 11 months ago due to enlargement, nodules, and calcification. The pathologist could not get a biopsy and we (me, my family, and doctors) were convinced it was cancer due to family history. We learned during surgery that my thyroid was benign and it is believed that my inflammatory arthritis was partly to blame. I should add that knew for 8 years that i had nodules since you could see them at all times. I have done amazingly well with no thyroid by taking 137mcg of Synthroid (name brand). The only problem i continue to work through is my loss of singing ability which has caused severe depression. I am still grieving that loss since before surgery, i was a singer at church and with my children. But that is another issue and not my reason for the message.

I have felt so amazing since surgery until the last month or so. I am now experiencing sever dizziness to the point of nearly blacking out or fainting. It is worse when i begin walking after sitting down for a moment. I have also experienced a feeling of the room spinning when sitting. This was bad enough once that i had to close my eyes to avoid vomiting. The last three days, i have had a headache/migraine to add to my symptoms and have felt exhausted with muscle aches and retaining water with a constant sound of my heart beat in my ears. I am unsure what this could be. Is this something that can wait to be addressed at my next appointment nearly a month away? Should i be concerned? Any advice is appreciated. Any advice for my singng is appreciated as well but i am not as concerned with my voice.
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I should also add that my TSH, T3, T4, and calcium have all been tested and are showing up as normal.
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Just being within the so called "normal" range does not mean that is adequate for you.  For many people, the ranges are far too broad to be functional across their entire breadth.  Please post your thyroid test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.
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This may be related to
low calcium levels in blood due to parathyroid damage.
Low blood sugar
dilation of bran blood vessels or low blood pressure (syncope)
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