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Do you take vitamin D?

I have noticed all my hashi friends have very low vitamin D.  Of course I take 1 5000 unit pill every day and have been for the past 2 years.   I am sure a lot of us do, but someone just sent me this study that I find very alarming regarding Vit D  and auto immune diseases and wanted to get the gang's feedback on this:

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Oo very interesting, thanks for posting this! I was actually talking with my dietician about this. She said most Australians are ok on Vitamin D so taking a multivitamin on top is just too much. But I spent 22 years in Washington state, there's no sun there- she still said I should get it checked to see if I need it before going on a multivitamin because too many people are being given too much.

And on the other hand my mom (medical assistant) and MIL (psychiatric nurse) have both been saying I should look into getting a good multivitamin with vitamin D because I can't do dairy, can't handle the sun (got a sun burn in the car with the windows up), and have Hashimoto's.

Does any one have any articles or journals that rebut this info? I'm so confused about what multivitamin to take.
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Mercola is now saying that people should be taking 8,000 iu vitamin D everyday.  One thing he is consistent about is that multi vitamins are a waste.

He gets much information from the Vitamin D Council.  I suggest going to their website.  

You are doing well with the 5,000 iu, because many doctors freak out about that much.  But, what is suggested is simply this:  Since you have been taking 5,000 iu everyday for a while now, and if it's been about 6 months, have your vitamin D levels checked.  You need a bottom or baseline of a minimum of 60 before reaching optimal level, but you can go as high as 80-100 for optimal level.

I speak from experience as I had SEVERE vitamin D deficiency before I found out about all this.  My level was almost non-existent and it almost killed me.  I can't be in the sun either.  I burn way too easily, so I definitely understand that one.  I have thyroid symptoms but can't get anywhere beyond the TSH test, which is ridiculous when I has Hirsutism like the plague and symptoms of a sluggish thyroid.  I think I'm in thyroid limbo land.  I can't get tested for the free t3 or free t4 or thyroid antibodies when the TSH is testing in the normal range.  No doctor I see is interested in doing anything more.  I fear I will be stuck in limbo land forever.  I am certain I have low iodine, too, but no one seems all that interested in checking to make sure.

Dairy is a food industry lie.  It is the wrong form of vitamin D that is fortified into dairy products.  And, it is insufficient and won't make one bit of difference if you are low.  You need vitamin D3, the natural form of vitamin D.  The dairy industry fortifies with the inferior vitamin D2, the man made form of vitamin D.  The only time the D2 is a good thing to use is when taking the prescription to boost levels in vitamin D deficient patients quickly.  Forget the dairy, because it's a myth.

If you go to the Vitamin D Council's website, you will find that you absolutely must take magnesium with your vitamin D supplements in order to truly benefit from vitamin D supplements.

It is actually very difficult to get vitamin D toxicity.  While it occasionally happens, it is very difficult to make it happen at the dose you're taking.  The dose you're taking at 5,000 iu is merely a MAINTENANCE dose of vitamin D.  You are not likely to get vitamin D toxicity from this dosage.  Only people who are sensitive to taking oral vitamin D would have something to worry about.  Certain auto immune illnesses can cause something called vitamin D dysregulation or they can cause you to be intolerant to taking oral vitamin D.  This doesn't sound like what you've been experiencing, so you really have nothing to worry about at the dosage you're taking.

If your read enough of Mercola's articles and the Vitamin D Council's articles on vitamin D, you will find that the new RDA that the FDA was willing to increase to is still pitifully LOW.  They were only interested in the bare minimum for bone health and not on helping with immune function.  So, 5,000 iu is actually the MINIMUM that you should take.  You cannot get vitamin D toxicity at that dose unless you can't tolerate oral vitamin D.
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But the article specifically addresses vit D in correlation to auto immune disease, not a normal person taking it.
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I currently take 50000 IU once a week for the next 12 weeks, & 4000 iu OTC.

This is the 3rd 12 week regime I have been on in 4 yrs, but have been on the OTC for over 7 months only. I get low on Vit D as well.

I really don't worry about too much or too little, I can't tell a difference one way or the other. I am lactose intolerant so I have to get my Vit D from somewhere.
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My Vitamin D would not remain in the good lab zone and I had symptoms that wouldn't go away on the otc Vit D .. just wasn't enough for me so they put me back on prescription Vit D 50,000 iu's/week .... I get less gastric distress from the prescription one, too.

They ruled out anything else causing the lack of Vit D with no real answer

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I didn't have a real answer for the vitamin D deficiency either.
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