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Does Hypothyroidism mean a life time of weight problems?

As some of you know my 13 year old daughter has Hypothyroidism as part of her POTS.  My question that I have had mixed answers on is about weight gain.  My daughter is beautiful and is a dancer.  She is physically fit but we have noticed a continued change in her weight and she has become very concerned about it.  Can anyone give me some info about whether or not this will always be an issue for her.  She is currently on Atenolol, Synthroid, Lexapro and Vitamin D.  Just thought it could even be from one of these meds. Also my Aunt has struggled with Hypothyroidism for 40 some years and has ALWAYS been over weight.
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In my opinion, and based on my own experience, the answer is no.  If she finds a good thyroid doctor that will treat her clinically by testing and adjusting Free T3 and Free T4, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels, then she can become euthyroid.  After getting her metabolism to a normal level, then weight is dependent on her calorie intake and calories burned.  In other words, at that point it will truly be up to her.

Your aunt was probably never given an adequate amount of the right thyroid meds, to enable her to control her weight in the normal manner.
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WELCOME .. I agree with Gimel above ...

Keep us posted.

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Okay thank you....but what does euthyroid mean?
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Thank you and I will keep you guys posted....and I am sure I will have many more questions.
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Euthyroid means having enough thyroid hormone that you are neither hypo nor hyper.  In other words, in the "sweet spot" where you have no thyroid related symptoms.
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My wife has had weight problems for years. And has Hypo for years.  But we also believe that she is NOT yet into her sweet spot medication wise.

This despite being on weight watchers AND walking between 3 and 7 miles a day for weeks on end. She would see like 10 lb weight loss and then NOTHING.  Even bumping the walk from 3 miles a day to 7 did NOTHING.  This frustrates and depresses her to no end.

She is about to have blood drawn again.  We have had TERRIBLE time getting the Free T3 & Free T4 tests done.  But the Dr has been willing to raise the dosage based upon my wife requesting.  If we don't get the results we're happy with this time we may have to go outside of the HMO insurance Dr's and pay out of pocket to find a Dr who will work with this issue.
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