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Estrogen, progesterone or what?

Okay, I was diagnosed with hashimotos and have been also taking Prometrium for over a year. Doing really well on it. I also developed what appears to be a fibrocystic breast (just one) going to get a mammogram just to rule out anything bad, etc.

Well, recently, I have lost some weight...suddenly the breast condition got worse, I started spotting day 9 of cycle after stopping period on day 7 and I am having headaches. Had my progesterone tested on my 21st day which was a tad low, so my doctor is upping the dose. The odd thing is my symptoms with my breast are worse the week OF my period and the week AFTER (not before). What I am wondering, is could the weight loss have affected my thyroid which in turn is affecting my breast and cycle? If this is the case is it more likely that I am having estrogen highs or progesterone lows? I can always get tested for my thyroid and estrogen, I'm just wondering if losing weight could affect the thyroid AND in turn affect progesterone and/or estrogen?
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The Hashimoto's diagnosis was given, but I stay mostly hypothyroid with occasional Hyper swings. I am on Levothyroxine 75mg and have been on it for 8yrs.

I just thought because thyroid affects metabolism, losing weight might boost my metabolism thus affecting thyroid levels. PLUS I was concerned only because I know thyroid will affect your periods etc..So I guess I figured since it affects your periods there must be some kind of connection between thyroid and estrogen and progesterone. I only lost 10lbs within 2 months..not too fast, etc. Thank you
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Were you diagnosed with hypothyroidism, when you were diagnosed with Hashimoto's and are you on any kind of replacement thyroid medication?  If so, what medication, dosage and for how long have you been on it?  Often, being on a thyroid hormone will cause weight loss, since thyroid controls metabolism.

Weight loss wouldn't cause your thyroid to malfunction and thyroid does not control your progesterone and estrogen levels, though all the endocrine hormones must work together in order for us to feel well.  Those are controlled by the pituitary gland (called the "master gland"), ovaries and some estrogen is produced by the fat cells and the adrenal glands.

The answer is no, I don't think your weight loss would have had anything to do with what's going on unless the weight loss was severe and took place in a short amount of time.

Perhaps you could tell us how much weight you lost and how long it took to lose it.
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