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Fibro continued

I am diligently working on ways to relieve the leg discomforts and tightness.  My left side seems to be more
active with the ligament under my knee tensing up and hanstring ache.  Comes and goes.  Gluts can ache with
the lower back especially if the all get tight.  Trying to get back in the walking but overdoing it makes it worse.
It just seems strange that this gets all piled up after a very stressful year and the thyroid T3 is lower.  I hope
these issues will straighten out and finally disapate.  I have been told for years that I had fibrocistic muscles, but
I never had the walking problems and the lower places in the legs affected.  Any more suggestions that you all
may have to relieve some of this stuff would greatly be appreciated.  I have been give a prescription called LYRICA
but am hesitant to take it after reading the side effects.  Anyone ever take this?  Thanks much!
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Have you tried magnesium in high dosages?
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Hi, not yet - I have just ordered a new product online called DermaMag that is skin
absorbed and rubbed in as a cream.  It is supposed to be better according to the
literature for not upsetting the GI and getting right to the pain.  Also it can be used for
a foot soak for 20 to 30 min and absorbed thru the feet and into the body.  It comes
out of Georgia and has lots of testimonals to go with it.  Apparently orally we don't
get as much because the body has trouble abosrbing it. This bypasses it.  I have
been reading your comments back and forth and find them to very fascinating.
I am going to give a try and see it has $money back guarantee at least.  How did the
acupuncture help you? Pain levels and what areas?  I am also wondering now as of
yesterday if levothryoxine gives one loose bowels if dose is too high?  I have only
been on it about 2 weeks, feel less fatigue and a little better on leg symptons.
Have tingling in right had especially like it falls asleep.  (or carpal tunnel) Have been to neurologist and orthopedic and supposedly would have to have MRI done. Do not have any disc or neck or spine problems to cause it.  Just started to get worse since my T3 level was taken at the number of 200   range 230-420.  All my other thyroid stats were normal. The has been most frustrating and confusing issue I ever had to face medically.
I only take 50 mcgs of levothryoxine.  Will see new intern this Friday and get him to
run new tests.   Thanks for any help.
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Hi there,

I am having the same problem you are, and it is so frustrating to the point of tears to me. I can barely get from my car to my desk at work each day without feeling like my muscles are going to give out entirely. I used to walk all the time, and now I am so afraid that I am going to end up in a wheelchair because I just can't seem to walk and/or stand for more than ten minutes. It's getting worse every day.

I had a total thyroidectomy in April of this year and was put on .125 mcg's of Synthroid. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that was all throughout my thyroid as well as 14 of the 21 lymph nodes they removed from my neck. I had to take the radioactive iodine treatment a few weeks later and then just had to wait for my follow-up appointment with my endo. I finally had that a couple of weeks ago, and he increased my Synthroid to .175 since my TSH came back as 28.46. My doctor says I am definitely hypothyroid, but this new medicine dosage doesn't seem to be helping much. I just called my primary care doctor who is also an internest to see what she thinks. I just don't know what to do anymore. Any advice or help? I feel so hopeless....and helpless. Thanks!

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Hi Gal,
Boy do I give you credit for going to work.......I know that this is monumental task
for you undertake.  You have been thru so much and this is a great site to go on
and the girls are very nice.  I pray for all of us.  I am beginning to find out the
hypothyroid thing is complicated.  I guess you can tell from reading my story,
had a horrible divorce, and a surgery and then I fell apart. I finally got the MD to do a
full panel freeT3 the rest of the stats were ok. TSH, and freeT4,  The free T3 was the
one that was down.  200 on a range of 230-420.  I started to take the levothryoxine about
2 weeks ago and the fatigue is better and I can walk around a little better.  I had
horrible anxiety and depression and I am a little prozac and 3 mg of ativan.  I have
muscle twitches and what feels like circulation problems in my right hand. I have no
disc problems or spine problems, go to a chiropractor.  I have been told to be patient
and wait at least 5 weeks till the new reading are done. My dose is 50 mcgs. People
tell me I sound better but it has been a fight.  I have been told I have fibro, and that with
that score I should not feel that kind of discomfort.  What do they know?  You can read
all these entries and all the girls say the same.   The anxiety is better and I am praying
that I improve over the next few weeks.  It is hard not to worry and it is hard to get up
and try to function.  I think you will feel better after a few weeks and be insistent that
they check your full panel out.  Lord what does it take?  I just sent away for Derma Mag
lotion, magnesium is supposed to be good for us -since most of us are defcient in it.
I found it online and the rep called me back on a Sunday to explain it to me.  It is absorbed into your skin and has helped alot of people with Fibro, joint, chronic fatique,
and with migraine headaches.  You use it like body lotion after you bathe and it is
supposed to get right into the system and start to relieve the pain in your muscles.
Magnesium seems to be what weak muscles need and pills do not absorb properly in
the body and magnesium can upset the GI in large doses.  Anyhow there is a $back
garantee - I wrote Tamra who is on this site about Derma Mag.  I am stubborn.
Friday I go to a new Internist and he is getting all my questions and tests.  Something
has got to give here.  I'm thinking of you here in VA and hang in there and I am very
happy to hear that they got all the cancer removed. You are in my prayers, I'll let you
know how my appt goes and how this stuff Derma Mag helps,
best to you,
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