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Figuring out what is okay

So i recently had my levels tested in september and they were TSH .55ulU/mL  FREE T4 1.19 ng/dL
My test before that in October of 2008 was TSH .31ulU/mL FREE T4 1.18 ng/dL

I am just trying to figure out.. is it possible to grow out of my thyroid problems.. i am 22 years old.

ALSO I want to know if i am okay to do all normal active things or is it bad for my heart.
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What exactly are your symptoms? The levels look good, are you on any medication?

Where you hyper at one time? Where you having heart palpitations?
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I don't really have any.  I got tested because my mother and grandmother have graves disease. I went a specialist but they said I have mild graves disease and there isn't anything to do until it really gets out of control but I am just scared that my working out and cardio might be doing something to my heart. I know when I get doing the cardio my heart gets up to 170 or 180 and i am 22 years old. I just didn't know if that is okay for someone my age or if I am overworking my heart.
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I have Mitral Valve Prolapse which was not picked up by doctors until I had an allergic reaction to Kelp and couldn't breathe. Heart rates are different according to level of fitness etc. The machines at gym always warn me my heart rate is too high.
If you are concerned go see a cardiologist since MVP is common in thyroid patients especially in the 20-30 age group.
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