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Fluid retention / Low thyroid

Hi again
I can't find a real answer to my question so here it goes.   Ive been without a thyroid for 2 yrs now and currently I take 2 grains Armour Thyroid prior to Armour I was on Synthyroid and Cytomel in a variety of doses anyway over the past 2 years I've had issues with fluid retention and was prescribed a low dose diuretic and also in these 2 years I have had hideous tendonitis in ankles and feet and battling arthritic knees that prior to thyroid removal I did not have.  

I have off and on for 2 yrs taken my body temperature because I always feel cold even in the heat of summer just not as bad as the winter time anyway my body temp averages between 96.2 to 97.6 and I start to feel water logged so I take the diuretic and the next day alot of my pains are reduced and sadly short lived.  

Could this be a sign that maybe I need more thyroid meds? Curious if their is a connection between, low thyroid levels, fluid retention and body pains. I read Wilson's syndrome but seems to have no fix (exercise) not easy when your entire lower body feels like your walking on glass.  I was diagnoised with Psoriatic Arthritis and I really wonder about this diagnoises with it happening after thyroidectomy.
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Two of my many hypo were fluid retention and pain. Fluid retention was notably around my face and abdomen but there was fluid in the lower legs. My face was puffy around the eyes, eyelids, my face was round and with a 2 inch double chin full of fluid...and a very enlarged abdomen that affected my breathing it was so bad. I could not bare even the lightest sheet on my abdomen as it hurt. A LOT of fluid! I also remember my toes aching badly in particular.
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My hypo symptoms lol. I ached all over the place just to add.
Hi Red_Star
Yeah I'm pretty familiar with pain and I'm not sure if my 2 year battle of the bulge is fluid or just fat either way have you found a solution to the pain, is it more meds different meds or am I doomed to life of pain?  

My pain on a scale of 1-10 Is about a 20 on a good day and I use to participate in life now I lay around like a slug no desire to do anything I use to do.  Sad.
My pain and fluid retention I mentioned went away with thyroxine. Right now I'm dealing with pain in both elbows of all places due to toxic mould exposure. My face went out of shape due to swelling but that has gone away.
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Those symptoms are quite common with hypothyroidism.

Two grains of Armour is about equivalent to the daily output of an average thyroid gland.  When you take into account the losses from absorption of thyroid med, that means that on average a person would need more than 2 grains.  What are your latest thyroid related test results and reference ranges?  Also, Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin?  If tested for cortisol, please post that also.
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Hi Gimel
Thanks for the link to hormone restoration, answers a few thinks for me.   I have 2 Endo appointments next month (1) at my original endo clinic and another outside endo that I'm paying for without my original endos knowledge(use this word lightly) my CURRENT endo clinic including PCM won't do Ferritin or cortisol testing I had to fight just to get the FT3 tested as she said ok but I'm not going to medicate off that number ...and me saying want to bet (lol) my B12 is above range I supplement that and Calcium will be done next month with Tsh,FT3,FT4,T3 and antibodies I guess.
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