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Good News?

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism a few weeks ago and the doc put me on Methimazole. I went back today for blood work and an ultrasound.

The results were that my TSH was even lower than last time it was checked a few weeks back. Then it was .037 and today .014. The statement he made was "Overall, the thyroid appears symmetrical and heterogeneous in appearance. No distinct nodules or cysts are noted right or left thyroid lobe at this time. No suspicious lymphadenopathy is noted right or left neck level II-V at this time. the gland is heterogeneous and slightly enlarged consistent with suspected Graves disease"

...Whatever all that means. He's put me on Methimazole four pills a day-two twelve hours apart. I'm hoping this will cure it and not have to take RAI, which I'm dead set against.
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TSH can vary a lot intraday, just depending on the time of day the blood was drawn.  That change is fairly insignificant.

The U/S report says that your thyroid looks pretty good.  Your thyroid is slightly enlarged, which is consistent with Graves' Disease, which apparently they think you have.  Has TSI been tested?

Methimazole inhibits thyroid hormone production, but it doesn't cure Graves' Disease.  However, Graves' often goes into remission, but also frequently comes back at a later date.  You may be one of the lucky ones who go into remission.  Most people are given methimazole or another ATM for as long as it works.
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He gave me a copy of the paper work to include the ultrasound and at least part of the blood test.

The Ultrasound indicated a "Thyroid Vascularity" in the right side as Hypervascular-Mild. The left side was Moderate. There is drawn a left and right lobe with a 4 inside of it which according to the chart means Heterogenous.

The left lobe was 4.50x1.52x1.39 cm. The right was 4.34x1.70x2.16 cm.

The blood test didn't tell me much other than the Free T$ was 2.12 and TSH .014. I don't see TSI listed.
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What's the range on your FT4?  Ranges vary lab to lab, so you have to post both together.  A good way to do that is:

FT4  2.12  (#.## - #.##)

Is that FT4 and TSH from before you started meds?  Are you feeling any better on meds?
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T4 Free is 0.58-1.70

Back last month my T4 was 1.87. Yesterday it was 2.12. I haven't been on the meds long enough for much to show I would suspect.

TSH yesterday was very low at .014...twice as low as it was last month at .037. They symptoms I mentioned to him about the meds according to him was indicative of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism...not the meds. I can't tell I feel any different at this point.
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When did you go on meds?  What strength methimazole tablets are you taking?

Your FT4 has gone up, rather than down, so I'm not surprised you don't feel any better.  

Your doctor isn't testing FT3?  While a lot of doctors don't think FT3 is significant for hypo patients, most of them do think so for hyper patients.  He should definitely be testing that.

Please list your symptoms.

Your doctor should also test TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin), which is the definitive test for Graves'.  It's very important to track this because it can indicate when/if you are going into remission.

Do you feel your doctor knows what he's doing when it comes to thyroid?

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He put me on 10mg of Methimazole first of the year. I took them for about ten days and felt they were causing my BP and pulse rate to increase so I called them and was told to stop for several days to see if it made any difference...if didn't really. I went back on t hem this past Monday but this time instead of three a day he told me to take two twice a day.

I had both FT3 and FT4 checked just last month but this endo didn't check FT3 that I know of, at least it didn't show on the paper work he gave me-just TSH and FT4.

As for symptoms, I didn't know I had any. I had went to my family doctor last June for my usual blood work and they send me a copy of the results. I noticed my TSH, FT3 and FT4 were out of specs but didn't pay a lot of attention to it. Around the first of December I looked at it again and got concerned FT3 was so far out of the reference range at 5.49 and the TSH was .037. Back in June it was .049.

All those results were normal prior to this past June and have progressively gotten worse with my TSH the other day being .014 so, it's getting lower by the week it seems. I didn't know of symptoms of hyperthyroidism at that point. I felt a little winded at times, hands shook a little now and then and muscle weakness in the thighs. I have a Corgi that lives with me and if I'd bend over to pet him or hug him my thighs would start shaking and the muscles would ache like I had just done 50 deep knee bends.

The paper work the endo gave me the other day at the top list a Clinical Dx as Graves Disease. How is came to that I don't know. If he did a TSI is wasn't shown in the papers he gave me.

This doctor was recommended by my family doctor. I know nothing of endo doctors so can't pass judgement on him. His credentials on the card I picked up says he's an MD, PHd, FACE- what ever that means.

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