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Hi all, just watned to let you know that I am resting comfortably at home after 6 hours of post-operative observation!  My surgery went well.  The resident told me that it didn't look as if the cancer had broken through it's capsule, but that they did find one swollen lymph node that they removed and sent off to pathology.  He also said that the parathyroids are all in tact, but did send me home with Tums just as a precautionary measure to take three times a day should there be any damage.  

I have the HORRIBLE sore throat, but other than that I feel OK.  I'm tired, but part of that is the wonderful pain meds they sent me home with :)  I have decided that General Anasthesia is my new best friend.  I'm sorry, what a fantastic thing.  I was so loaded when they wheeled me into the OR, I could have cared less what they were doing!  My whole experience with my surgery was pretty good.

I also will be taking 25mg of Cytomel (twice a day, split in half) until I see my Endo on 4/25.  I am not sure why they opted for this since I'm doing Thyrogen injections for my scan & RAI, but that's OK.

My scar is beautifully placed just about my collarbone (so pretty low on the neck) and I've got steri strips covering the wound currently.  There is still remnants of the line my surgeon drew with marker on my neck, so I'll try to take a picture tomorrow after a shower.

All in all...I'm feeling decent and happy that Phase 1 of Kicking Cancer's Butt is over and done with.

Much love,
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So good to have you home!! Sounds like you are doing great! Do you have a tube for draining? Well rest rest and more rest! That cocktail they gave me was oh so wonderful!!!

We are here for you as you!

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Wow, it is wonderful that you are home. I'm glad everything went well with your surgery.

I was not given anything before my surgery. I literally walked in the OR, got on the table by myself, was totally awake for all the pre-stuff they do. I had plenty of time to look around - not a good thing. The last thing I remember is one of the nurses being told to get the doctor because they were ready. I said but I'm still awake......and the rest is history...

Oh and while they were prepping me for surgery they asked me if I was nervous - was that a trick question?  We all could hear my heart beating up a storm on the monitor.

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You go girl! I'm so happy for you!

Your positive attitude is fantastic!!!

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Glad you are home and all went well.  I was the same way.  I don't even remember going to the OR!!  I told them I needed a Jack Daniels to calm me down and the next thing I knew I was awake with nurses and my Mom staring at me!!!

Hope you do well and have such a positive attitude!!  That's the best thing!!


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Pic of scar (with steri strips) uploaded in my profile :)
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Congratulations on what sounds like a successful surgery!

Take care and rest (something I didn't do enough but probably should have).
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Congrats on having a successful surgery.  Glad to hear you are doing well.
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Wow Shannon,
I am thrilled that you are home already. I have been thinking about you all day!! I am so so pleased!!
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Congratulations!! Sounds like it went beautifully - I'm so glad to hear it.  General anesthesia is indeed a wonderful thing....as are pain pills.  Get lots of rest and heal well!  
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See kiddo - no problem, eh?  :-)

Glad you are doing so well.  Most of that sore throat is usually from the intubation (if it's sore "inside").   Ice packs can help with any external swelling and tenderness.

Welcome home ThyCa sister!  :-)

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I love your positive attitude and glad you are doing well. Did they give you any restrictions after your surgery to follow?  

Rest and congrats - I hope the tests come back beign.- but regardless - it is out and you don't have to worry any longer.
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They didn't give me any restrictions, just let me go with Tums, Cytomel, Colace & Percocet.  I called my surgeon yesterday to ask why Cytomel and not Synthroid since I am doing Thyrogen for my RAI, he said that in case they don't get the result they need with the Thyrogen it's easier to get me off Cytomel (and hypo) than Synthroid to get the levels to where they need them for the scan/RAI.

I'm definitely not feeling as good as I was day 1, but I sort of expected that.  I'm just resting when I don't feel like I have a ton of energy and laying low.  Luckily my mom is coming tomorrow and my daughter is at daycare all day Monday/Wednesday so I should have ample time to rest.  I took two weeks off from work so I have plenty of time to recuperate.

As for path results, my surgeon says we will have them next week.  He also said he wasn't sure if the other tissue he removed was a lymph node or some extra thyroid tissue, but that the primary tumor was completely encapsulated.  I anxiouly await those results.

I've got some calcium tinglies, but they seem to go away after I pop a few Tums, so whatever damage they sustained appears to be minimal at this point.
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