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Has anyone ever had there TSH level this high 16,566

They found out that I had Hyperthyroids when I was 17 years old, then when I was 25 they say  that I had Graves disease and I got treated with RAI and then I went all the way Hypothroids, been hypo for years never under control, Iam having a hot flash right now sweat is just pouring out of me, feels like my body steaming. Is there anyone else out there that ever had high tsh level?
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I have never heard of one that high, mine after TT and before RAI got up to 186...I thought that was bad.  I have heard of up to 600, never anything that high.
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TSH level read different and what does TT mean, not trying to be funny, I think we are talking about something different, but they both have to do with the thyroid, you think. I know what RAI means because I had it, but what is TT mean.
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TT is Total Thyroidectomy. Many people after that type surgery can go Hypothyroid.
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My cat stood on my enter key before I had a chance to finish my post!
Are you sure the TSH was not 16.566?  Which is still high, of course!
The TSH is a pituitary gland hormone, it is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This is sent to the thyroid to kick it into making some lovely thyroxine (T4)
The hot sweats you are having need to be investigated.
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Yes it is 16.566, just like the RAI gave or made me hypothyroid, its all a pain in my but if i can get it under control i'll be half way ok. I had graves disease for years untreated.
Having a hot flash right now.
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