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Have you switched to Armour from Synthroid/Cytomel?

I really need some advice before my appointment next week.

I've had CFS and Hashimoto's for 30 yrs.  Been on Synthroid .112 mc and 10mc Cytomel for 10 yrs.  I've been bedbound with exhaustion for months  and discovered my Reverse t3 is real high and I'm hypo again.  

Even when I'm "well" I'm only at about 70% and I'm thinking I'd like to try switching to Armour.    

Has anyone here taken both both Synthroid and Cytomel and had better success with Armour or another NDT?

I'm not sure if I should ask to reduce the Synthroid and add Armour or make a direct switch.  The Armour ratios of T3&4 are very different than my current synthetic doses.

Also,  has anyone had success in bringing down a high Reverse T3 when switching to Armour?

My current labs are:

FT4:  .97   range:  .77- 1.61
FT3:    2.8  range: 2.3-4.2
Reverse T3:  29:  8-25

TSH - suppressed but I don't bother with it as it's a lousy test for fine tuning.

Thank you!

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I know of nothing magical about Armour Thyroid compared to T4 and T3 med.  So I wouldn't muddy the water further by switching.  What I do suggest is to add some T3 to your meds to raise your level into the upper quarter of the range.  Along with this, if not tested for ferritin and cortisol.  Either can contribute to excessive conversion of T4 to reverse T3.  There is a good test for serum ferritin.  The best way to test for cortisol is the diurnal saliva cortisol test done at 4 times during the day.  Doubtful that your doctor will agree with the saliva cortisol tests, and will likely run a serum cortisol test, which is harder to interpret due to the varying levels of cortisol during the day.

Also, if not tested for Vitamin D and B12, I also suggest those.  
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Thanks gimel.   My ferritin and iron binding capacity are great.  I take 4K Vit. D3 for deficiency so that's in check.  B12 is also good - I take methyl B12.

Serum am cortisol is on the low side. (6.6).  

I tried upping the Cytomel to 15mc for 3 days and got the worst panic attacks that kept me up all night, which stopped when I went back to 10 mc.    I've read tons on the various reasons for high RT3 - which can be caused from a number of things - including stress and also CFS (which I've been having a relapse of all year).

I plan to talk to my doc about cortisol and ask if she might prescribe low dose Cortef - not sure - she's pretty open minded about this stuff and agreed to put me on low dose Naltrexone.    LDN has done wonders for other symptoms (pain and cognitive function) but not so much the  mind numbing fatigue  yet.  

Merry Christmas!!  :)

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If you don't mind, please post your actual ferritin result.  Also B12.  

What range did they show for the serum am cortisol result?

Have you been tested for DHEA and magnesium?
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