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High TSH, low-average testosterone levels

Hello people,
I'm 19 years old and I've been having symptoms like feeling tired, anxious, depressed (on and off), nervousness, no results at the gym, no morning erection, tiny wrists, wide hips, lower back pain, leaking urine and brain fog/trouble concentrating. I've been feeling suicidal for a long time, because I really feel like my emotions are coming out of nowhere and I've been to three therapists, but it didn't change the way I feel. After trying so long to change the way I feel with no succes, I came to the conclusion that there might be a bigger issue. I read about testosterone and I was pretty sure my testosterone was pretty low (especially after finding out my training and bulking only added fat and no muscle). So I went to the doctor and it came back at 16.6 nmol/l on a range of 10 - 35 so it was good. I wasn't convinced and after reading about it I came to the conclusion that my testosterone is in the range, BUT it's low for my age (most people say my level is average for a 75-year old). So I went back to the doctor and had it tested again (a few months later), it came back at 17 nmol/l, he suggested to check my thyroid hormones since hypothyroidism can cause depression. So after measuring my fT4 came back at 18 (at a scale of 12 to 21) so that was good. but my TSH was 4.7 (0,5 to 3,0 is normal) so it was elevated. He put me on some pills, but after 6 weeks he took me of them because they didn't work (kind of stupid because 6 weeks seems short to me, but I don't know..) So.. my doctor sended me to a psychologist because it was all in the head. Well.. I got help and I thought I felt a little better, but as soon as school started I began to feel bad again and I started to hate myself and my body for not working with me and because my doctor told me it's all in the head I got desperate. Well I didn't accept that so I went back to the doctor and told him he should pay more attention to my hormones. I was send to an endocrinologist and he measured my Total testosterone again and my TSH, fT3 and fT4. The results where:
- TSH 6.8 (0.5 - 3 or 4 is good)
- Total testosterone (16 nmol/l)

Unfortonately he didn't tell me my fT3 and fT4, but he told me they where still normal but because my TSH is a lot higher now he thinks I might have an auto-immune disease like hashimoto's. However.. I've been feeling like **** even before my TSH got that high and my testosterone isn't that good either.. My doctor is absolutely sure that my testosterone is good and he doesn't want to do anything with that number at all and measuring my FSH/LH and E2 wasn't necessary according to him. But I want to know someone else's opinion on this (especially people who are in the same boat as me). Could it be that having these low-average testosterone levels could cause my thyroid to get less active or is it the other way around? I read mixed stories about this, but the fact that the doctor won't even consider the fact that my testosterone is too low for my age makes me upset. I really feel like my thyroid problems won't fix my testosterone because even with lower TSH levels my testosterone was still low-average. Sorry for the long story and maybe bad grammar but I'm desperate and from Holland. lol.
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Hey Leon, I'm just learning about the thyroid too, what I do know from my experience from going Hypo due to having RAI (Radio Active Iodine to distroy my thyroid) is, when I went hypo my digestion was real slow, my bowels were slow, which inturn caused my Cholesteral to rise, my skin dried out severely, my brain wouldn't function right, my joint hurt like crazy, especially in my hands, my hair was so dry and brittle. Why I'm going thru this list is to show how much the thyroid has to due with our over all good health and the running of our body. I'd go back to the doctor and get your Ft3 and Ft4 run, and make sure they give you the reference ranges, and then post them, Those on this Forem will explain what they fill is going on, your too young to feel so old, with a low testosterone level. good luck
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Every cell in your body needs thyroid hormones, so the list of the symptoms a deficiency of hormones can cause is long.

Yes, please post your FT3 and FT4 results with reference ranges.  Just being "in range" is seldom enough to alleviate symptoms.  We all have our own personal range in which we feel well.

Your doctor suspects Hashi's.  Is he planning to test TPOab (thyroid peroxidase antibodies) and TGab (thyroglobulin antibodies)?  Elevated levels of either can indicated Hashi's.
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Thanks for the replies and I will ask him for my fT3 and fT4 numbers next time,   my doctor is now testing for antibodies but I have to wait another 2 weeks before I see him again.. I really hate how long it takes especially because I'm having school exams next week -_- But at least the ball is rolling and people are working on it. I'll post an update as soon as I get more results.
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