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High TSH and low testosterone

Got a TSH reading of 68.1 and testosterone 241  Im 39 years old.  Stopped smoking 5 months ago and walk/jog 7 miles in the morn 3-4-5 times a week for a year now. Cholesterol shooting sky high,, triglycerides 565 LDLl--they cant measure it,,hdl is 31  --total cholesterol 285.  

Also Libido been falling off for several years now and dropping faster as of recent.  Last Testosterone test was about 2 years ago and it was around 350.

Previous Cholesterol test in 2005 had me down at Total 225 approx,, with tryglycerides in 200 range, ldl131 hdl 32

Right before i stopped smoking  5 months ago, i had a horrible throat infection,, very sore adams apple, went in thinking i had throat cancer or something, they checked me for strep-negative,, did the hands check on lymp nodes in throat, peeked in the back of the throat --said it looked red,, and simply gave me antibiotics which i didnt take.  It took quite awhile to clear up. My voice had started to change, i was horse and it really hurt. eventually went away,, its been 5 months since that appointment and now this from the same doctors office

What the hell is going on with me.... TSH level is high and they called me today 3 weeks after taking my blood and said urgent go pick up some synthroid?

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Hypothyroidism can lead to low testosterone levels, high cholesterol levels, and other deficiencies and ailments.

Both of those situations will improve when you get your hormone levels back to normal. This has probably been brewing for quite a while before it was caught.

You will need further testing, several thyroid antibody tests and maybe a few other blood tests. You may be deficient in vitamin D as well. It is common.

So did you go pick up some Synthroid?
Your TSH is supposed to be 1 or 2, not 68.
That's a wee bit on the high side.
welcome to the forum.
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Thanks for the response,,IT feels great to be thought of by a stranger...! Yes I got the Syntrhoid this morn,,, took the first one 100mcg tablet.  I think i must be critical or something,,lol,, i literally feel like im crashing,,no energy ,,, very very tired , moving like molasses. Incredibly sensitive to sound,,, inability to concentrate and extreme irritation. Almost feels like a ptsd or sleep deprivation experiment.. where you start to feel a bit mad....... How long does it take for this hormone to get you back up to spec,,, few days?  Thanks alot for your feedback,, hope you also feel well.

PS what do you know about sheep thyroid hormone,, someone was telling me years ago that is what they used to treat this,,,and that it was superior.  Any info on that one. Im curious how they extracted it and is it still available.
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You should start feeling better in a few days to a week. It will be a few months before you feel great, but you will be able to function better soon. Your emotions may be a little wacko. "Fragile" is the word, rather than "temporarily insane and emotionally cooked".

But it will pass and you'll feel a lot better in a few weeks when your TSH is closer to normal. It may take months before you are on the correct dose of medication and really feel well.

The sheep hormone you ask about is pig thyroid, ground up and made into pills. Some people think it is superior. Most people take synthetic Levothyroxine such as Synthroid or Levoxyl.

Some people do better on synthetics.
Some people do better on Armour.
Some people do better on synthetics with a dash of T3 in the form of Cytomel.
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To clarify,
By synthetics I mean a T4 drug, Levothyroxine, which is available as a generic or as several different branded varieties.

Levothyroxine is strictly T4. It is also "bio-identical", although it is synthetic. It is identical to the T4 your thyroid produces at the molecular level.

Armour is desicated pig thyroid, which contains T4 and T3, and is considered a natural product, and more desireable for those reasons.

Cytomel is synthetic T3.  
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Love ya,, wish you were my Doctor,,oops I mean my PA,,lol there arent any doctors left out there anymore.  Last time I saw a doctor he was at the end of an ever-extending hallway ,, every step i took forwards he moved one back, unattainable... :)

Thanks again, ill let you know when i regain my sanity and composer.  Having gone through this sudden abrupt change makes me think there must be many out there that have ended up with psychiatric diagnosis when what really is going on is a simple or complex thyroid issue.  
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Ill be at a primary care physician for further testing on monday. Just wanted to ask one more question. I took my 2nd Synthroid this morning. I thought I was starting to  feel a little better but as the day has progressed Im still feeling pretty off, almost like im having an anxiety attack or like im jacked up on cocaine or caffeine.  I only had that pill, water and a cup of coffee till late afternoon. Feel real light, cant think clearly, talking is a challenge, pretty tired, short term memory completely shot,,,, are these all the kinds of feelings that accompany a thyroid that has stopped working.   By the way i have no history of anxiety or pscyhiatric illness.,, but this is starting to make me feel kind of crazy

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I am in a mental state right now where I cannot remember something for two minutes. I can't think clearly, and decision making is grueling. Making a decision is hard, and I don't trust my own judgement. It's a terible feeling to be 52 and not trust your own judgement.

I have to work hard to speak loudly enough and enunciate clearly enough to be understood.

I feel slightly "off" mentally, and it doesn't take much to make me feel like I could fall off the edge. Television is annoying and some of it makes me physically ill from the auditory and visual input.

I've had much better months, and I've had worse months. I am where I am right now because I have been pushing myself for two weeks and I have drained myself physically and emotionally. So now I am ill, from my own doing.

It will take a few weeks for the med to kick in. You will notice a difference in a week or so, and it will gradually improve. Unfortunately, you will not feel back to normal for a long time. It can take months to find the right dosage of med, and your body does not start to heal until you are stable again.

Some of the symptoms will go away soon. Some of them will take longer to go away. The mental complaints will be better soon. But if you do like I do, they can come back from time to time.
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Thanks a mil. Get some rest this weekend and some fresh air and you will be back on your horse for the new week.  Thanks alot for your help.

Man if the CIA is looking to substitute waterboarding with something else, they might want to look into altering the subjects thyroid hormone levels,, would do wonders getting someone to talk.

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Hey was wondering if you could comment further,, i feel alot better now and i go back on Nov 3rd for another reading of TSH to see if this 100mcg of Synthroid is doing the job.

My question is that since we last talked i went back in and got a LH, FSH and a Thyroid Globulin antibody test done. The results came back as

LH  2.5

FSH 1.5

Thyroid Globulin Antibody 22

I was told by one of the nurses that these were normal,, is that true?

Thanks for your opinion, Ive lost a bit of confidence in my family medical practice and feel i always have to 2nd guess what is going on due to some previous slip ups they made.

Thanks! Hope all is well with you
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Just to add, this Lh Fsh and thyroid globulin antibody were taken about a week after i started synthoid.  My values are in my last post up top,,,,,,Ive seen many different tables of normal values for everything from lh, fsh, thyroid globulin antibody and even testosterone. It all depends on who you read. As you can see up top i was informed they were normal,, but im left scratching my head with why one hair on the bottom of the scale is a ho-hum normal...especially when my testosterone was so low also

I guess the Doc is telling me that all these levels will improve after some time,, but why would the LH and FSH have been so low to begin with?????? He doesnt think there is a pituitary issue , but will pulling prolactin at some point.

By the way I had a thyroid ultrasound today and visited my doc for a chit chat.  He says that Armour is all smoke and mirrors and as a matter of fact he also added that a large number of people never need cytamil addition and should have never been put on it.

By the way this is JW39, i had  to open up a new id , couldnt remember the old password..

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Those last tests (FSH, LH and anti-Tg) are  normal, not to worry. You didn't test for TPO antibodies (other antibody for thyroid evaluation), why?.
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