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How can my TSH vary so much?


I wonder how may TSH can vary so much if it is a 1-2 month average?

05/31/12 Doc Blood Draw, TSH = 1.76 uU/mL
10/26/12 ZRT Blood Spot, TSH = 3.7 uU/mL, T4 = 3.2 H ng/dL
11/21/12 Labcorp Blood Draw, TSH = 7.0 H uU/mL, T4 1.36 ng/dL
12/11/12 Doc Blood Draw, TSH = 2.85 uU/mL
12/19/12 Labcorp Blood Draw, TSH = 4.21 uU/mL, T4 = 1.62 ng/dL

My CRP is 4.4 H mg/L on 11/21/12.   My blood spot cortisol was high on 10/26/12 and my saliva cortisol was OK at morning and daytime but moved to high end at night of 0.9 ng/ml.  Usually on waking my blood glucose is around 105.  Another forum doctor is saying most likely my adrenal is the issue causing my thyroid to vary production.  TIA, Jack
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My saliva cortisol test was taken on 12/4/12 and my Free T3 has consistently tested OK.  I feel fatigued, brain smoldering, irregular bowel, some skin inflammation on left hand, left ear, mark below stomach that is a bit flaky and not healing.  No antibodies for thyroid of note either.
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Request a Free T3 and Free T4 from you MD, he should not be relying on TSH in the first place, TSH is a Pituitary Hormone, The T3 is the most important draw he should do, as it is the actual hormone your body runs on. Based on out dated ranges your TSH may look OK but in a real world a TSH of 3.7 would indicate a possible Hypothyroid issue. If you get these labs,or have had them, please post results along with the ranges provided for each.  Good Luck FTB4
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My doc is a TSH'er.  Labcorp Blood Draw via DirectLabs.com on 12/19/12 was FT3 = 3.4 pg/mL Range 2.0-4.4, FT4 (Direct) = 1.62 ng/dL Range 0.82-1.77
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Your Free T3 is at a good level,and so is your Free T4, Unless your levels are jumping back and forth, the labs were perfect at the time of the draw, Have had your Calcium levels checked? Just guessing at this point, maybe parathyroid, calcium level would tell. Possible other members could offer thoughts and advice. Best Regards FTB4
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My calcium level tested fine 5/31/12 at 9.1 mg/dL (I take 'Now Foods' Calcium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate and Potassium Glutamate, all powders for last two years).  

On 11/21/12 my DirectLbas/Labcorp TSH = 7 H, FT3 = 3.4, and FT4 = 1.36
On 10/23/12 my ZRTLabs (blood spot) TSH = 3.7 H, FT3 = 3.8, FT4 = 3.2 H.

Started to feel bad after a 4/111/12 virus that took over a month to get over and never got back to normal (why I scheduled my 5/31/12 physical where my doctor pronounced me OK).  I have gotten worse since then.
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Did they happen to mention what the virus was? And a High Calcium level (Over 10.2 would indicate parathyroid) but yours is fine, most good levels average in the 9's   FTB4
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