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Hypothyroid/low cortisol

Pituitary gland function decreasing due to pituitary tumor (removed 1980) and subsequent 25 radiation treatments.

Recent tests:
TSH - 2.3
T4 - 3.2 ug/dL (low)
Free Thyroxine Index - 1.0 (low)
AM Cortisol - 1.1 ug/dL (low)

Symptoms:  Flushing, low body temp (96), anxiety, problems sleeping, cloudy thinking, thinning hair, extreme lack of energy, headaches.  

Currently taking .75 mg. dexamethason daily, human growth hormone injections daily, testosterone injections every two weeks.

I am unable to tolerate any synthetic thyroid hormones.  Tried them all more than once.  My endocronologist refuses to prescribe Armour so I take nothing for low thyroid.  

Any suggestions on what to do?    -  52 yr. old male that feels terrible every day.
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My BP is usually good.  Sometimes slightly high.  Thanks for comments.
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I agee with her, I had very low cortisol it was at a 4 and felt like I was dieing, how is your BP rate? Your adrenal gland can effect the thyroid as well. 1.1 is pretty darn low, by the time I was admitted to the Hospital mine was about that(flatlined), stress can bring that down over a period of time seriously.
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If your levels are in labs reference you wouldn't need thyroid hormone
replacement. Its best to correct the low cortisol.  Once corrected it might effect your thyroid levels, to the better.

October is breast cancer awareness
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