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I need a doctor

Can anyone recommend an endocrinologist that will work with me on my hypothyroid issues rather than just give me the book answer to offer up antidepressants?  I live in the greater Boston area but will go anywhere in Mass or RI.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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I have been trying to compile a listing of doctors recommended by Forum members.  Unfortunately I don't have one for your area right now.  If no one else comes up with a name, you can at least have a look at this listing of Top Thyroid Doctors in the Mass. area.  Boston seems to have a number that received good patient reviews.  

One of the ways I have found to be valuable in trying to find a good thyroid doctor is to call and ask to speak to a nurse, to get answers to a couple of questions before making an appointment.  This has never failed to get a nurse on the line.  then I ask if the doctor is willing to treat a patient by testing and adjusting levels of free T3 and free T4, with whatever meds are required to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels.  I also ask if the doctor is willing to prescribe meds other than T4 types.  If the answer to either question is no, then I keep on looking for a good thyroid doctor.  


If you try one of the listed doctors, please let me know if you would recommend to other members.  
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Cool Gimel!!! - you're helping me on this? - GREAT!

I have plenty to go over with you to get this accomplished and posted.

Let's talk soon.
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This is incredibly helpful!!   I'm so tired of being told my thyroid levels are fine and to see a shrink or take antidepressants.   Thank you so much!!
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