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I take cytomel, armour thyroid and synthroid

My doctor doubled my time released Cytomel from 10 mg to 20 mg but I am extremely tired now. I have no thyroid because i had it removed berceuse of cancer 11 years ago. I am focused on getting enough protein but read I may need more carbs. I weigh 92 pounds and I am 5 feet tall.
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I agree that we'd need to know the results of your latest thyroid labs.  Too much hormone can cause tiredness, as much as not enough.    Carbs are necessary for energy production, but there are 2 types of carbs - simple and complex.  Simple carbs include things like bread, potatoes, white rice, pasta, etc.  Simple carbs cause blood glucose levels to spike when we eat them.  Complex carbs are those contained in whole grains (fiber), vegetables, etc.  They take longer to digest so don't increase glucose levels as much.  
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Please provide your current blood lab results and the reference ranges.  Please be specific if the tests are Free or "total".

Also provide your medications you are on and the dosage.  The title says you take synthroid, cytomel and Armour.  Is that true?  Typically a person is not on all three, but if it works that is all that matters.  the fact that you seem to not be feeling well is an indication that perhaps a change is needed.

Please list all the symptoms you are having.

I will assume you are being tested for the following:

Free T4 (FT4).  The reference range is typically about (0.8 to 1.8)
Free T3 (FT3).  This range also varies but is usually around (2.0 to 5.5)
TSH which is really not very helpful and with all the T3 medication you suggest you are taking it is suppressed.  It is NOT a good indicator and should NOT be used to adjust dosage of thyroid hormones.

Have you ever been tested for REVERSE T3?  This test is relatively expensive and you may have to be a strong advocate and even demand that this be tested. Many doctors do not believe that reverse T3 is a problem.  But given what little information you provided, I wonder if this may be worthy of being tested in your case.
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