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I wans to know you Thyroidectomy experience please

I am having a thyroidectomy within the next 2-3 weeks. I see the surgeon on Thursday so I will know the exact date then. I have hashimotos and a Goiter that is compressing and making it hard to swallow food sometimes. It flares up and then a little bit later it will be fine. I have been on synthroid to try to shrink my thyroid and it didnt work. I am kinda freaking out about the surgery. I am only 23 years old so I am still young. Im just worried about something going wrong and also my scar. How long were you in the hospital after the surgery? I want to know your experiences please :) I just need to calm my nerves a little
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Kelly I had 2 thyroid surgeries. First one was May 30th 2010 (left lobe) while the second one was last Sunday, Oct. 3rd 2010. My case is Papillary. Both surgeries were successful and no significant side effects. I didn't lose my voice (thank God) as one of the risks. I had a scar but not so obvious. Currently recuperating at home and will be back to work on October 20th. Will undergo radiation iodine therapy within 2 months. I'm taking 75 mcgm of Thyroxine daily. I suggest that you be aggressive on your case, get the right treatment before it worsens.
I pray for your behalf.  
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Thank you Migueleto. I have been dealing with this for about 8 years now and now my thyroid is finally compressing enough to where I need the surgery so Im going to get it. Thanks again!
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I am much the same as Migueleto, two surgeries, Papillary cancer, RAI.  No voice loss due to a great surgeon...that is most important, he must do at least two thyroid surgeries a week.  My scar is hardly noticeable, they went in both times in a fold in my neck (I am a bit older, so I have those!)  About six months after RAI I felt normal or better than normal, we found my best dose, and I feel great.  It took almost a year to take the 25 pounds off that I gained, but be patient, it will come off as long as you stay active.  The surgery was a peice of cake both times, up an walking within a few hours, walking two miles within a few days.  Good luck...
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To me, it was the easiest surgery ever. The hardest part is getting on the right dose of meds. I had Hashimoto's with a small nodule that showed a wee bit of cancer, so I had the whole thing removed almost a year ago. My scar is very faint. Alot of surgeons do try to do it in the crease in your neck. I was eating and drinking lightly the same evening after my surgery! I went home the next morning. Just a bit of a sore throat after surgery and a bit of a tight feeling. Good luck to you! I'm sure you will do fine!  Lynda xo
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Good day Manmom. When did you have your surgeries done? How long was the gap between surgery and RAI? Are you now clear of any cancer cells? I hope all is well with you.  
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Thanks everyone. I am still nervous but the more research I do and the more people I talk to I feel a little better. I see the surgeon Thursday morning. Ill keep you all updated!
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Had TT a year and a half ago-surgery was very easy on me-had a low calcium problem for a while after, but am good now.  I was back t work in 6 days working 45 hours a week.  Hardest thing is getting meds correct.  Finally switched to Naturethroid and am feeling good.  I did not have cancer-very lucky.  I was very nervous also, but had a great surgeon-tiny scar and a great endo.
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I had two surgeries also. May 2007 left side and Dec 2007 right side. I have had over 14 different surgeries for various things and the thyroid one was the easiest to deal with.
  You will have either a gauze dressing or steri-strips. (I have had each one for the different surgeries) You might feel tight in the neck area for a couple of weeks. Do gentle stretching up to the ceiling and down to your chest as high as feels comfortable in the weeks after the surgery. You can use Vit E or almond oil on the scar once it has started to heal (usually about 3 weeks) to help the healing process.
You must keep it protected from the sun.

As with any surgery the risk of bleeding or from the anesthetic is always a risk. Ask the surgeon how many they have done, and if they had any compications, how they resolved them.

I was in hospital for over 3 days each time, but that is due to the fact I do not tolerate the anesthetic very well, and had to be stabilised before they would let me go. It usually is overnight or an extra day for the stay.

The worst part of the whole thing was the comments by stupid strangers who thought I had tried to do myself in! It was summer here and very hot so I couldn't hide the steristrips on the scar, and had a ton of bruising. ( I am very fair skinned so always bruise easily)

I am sure with you being educated, your fears should abate, and as they say, Forearmed is forewarned. You will do well!

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I also had a large goiter that would periodically swell up and cause all sorts of issues.  No cancer.  I had a TT in June 2009.   Was in the hospital for 2 days.   Experienced no pain at all.   A little woozy from the anesthesia.  I had no issues with my voice.   It was a little raspy and weak for maybe a week but that was it.  No calcium issues.  Was very, very tired for a few weeks afterwards.  By October 2009 my meds were almost there.  By the end of the year I felt really good.   Right now I feel the best I've felt in years.  I wound up having 2 surgeries in one day.  The scar from the first one is not noticeable at all; the second one is a little white line.   I wore light scarves around my neck every time I went outside for almost a year.   Used sunscreen on the entire area.   You don't notice much.  The best thing I did when recovering and trying to get my meds right was to pay attention to how I was feeling and communicated that to my doctor.   I was lucky; he paid attention to blood work and how I was feeling.  Good luck.
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I had my thyroid removed back in Feb. this year, but I also ha a bone spur ground down in my neck that was causing  some discomfort swallowing. I had to have two surgeons. I stayed over night in the hospital then went home. Stayed out of work for three weeks. I had no trouble with the surgery at all. Hope yours goes as well as mine did.

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