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If you find a product that is certified kosher, is it ok for the LID diet?

Hi again~

I normally make my own spagetti sauce, but I am not up for it.  I found a jar sauce that is certified kosher - I think I remember reading something that all kosher food is low in iodine.  Does anyone know if this is correct?

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I would not generalize like that.  Just because it's Kosher does not mean that it might not have other high iodine containing ingredients.  You still need to be aware of the foods that are not allowed on LID.  However, if the foods in that product are allowed on LID, and you trust the vendor (sometimes a big question mark...), then you might just be fine.  I would not, however, make a 24/7 diet of any particular food like that.  But as part of a larger diet, I would think it would do little harm.  Remember it's a "Low" iodine diet, not a "no" iodine diet...  

And just to re-iterate what Liz has said above... some foods that are allowed on one diet, are not allowed on another.  I've seen Utahmomma say several times that her doc doesn't allow any salt at all on LID, just in case.  (And for the record, I'm glad that's not my doc!)  Check the packet you got from your doctor or hospital where the RAI is being done.  That way you know you'll be specifically within the guidelines of YOUR facility.

Good luck!
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I'm not sure on that one as I'm not familiar with kosher foods. But, I found a great "salt free" spaghetti sauce at the local organic grocery store. We have a store called "Sprouts" in our area that carries all healthy stuff and most of it with no salt. See if you have something like that where you live. The salt free tortilla chips and homemade salsa made me feel almost normal!

And in another post you asked about the non-dairy creamer. My doc said that Coffeemate was okay for me. I know some docs say no but mine said it was fine. It's not NO iodine, it's LOW. A teaspoon or two of non-dairy creamer everyday won't hurt you.

What amazed me about that LID is that it really is a very healthy way to live.  I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. Had I not been so hypo I think it would have made me feel healthier.  And by the time the two weeks was over I almost pondered changing my diet to start eating that way. Then I had a cookie and it all went down the toilet......
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