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Is my Hashi's eating worse or is there something else going on?

Hi Lately my Hashi's has been all over the map. I eat gf, dairy free and exercise routinely. My anti-tpo was initially over 1000 and is now 90. Last fall things started going crazy, my father passed away un expectantly and I could not sleep for 20 days. I caught every cold virus this winter (October through March) I felt severely hypo last December and blood tests showed it (table attached that tsh was high and t4 was low). My NDT was increased from 90 mg/ day to 120 mg/ day (always took one in the morning (60) then 30 mg prior to lunch..2 weeks ago the following tests came back;

My vitamin B12
323 reference range:

Doctor refuses to do D but I take 10,000 units per day and have since being diagnosed in 2007.
Thyroid Function
A 0.06

T4 Free
A 9. 2

T3 Free 3.94

Thyroperoxidase Ab
A 91
Range: <35

Because I was not feeling well ie. Hyper..shaking, exhausted, can't sleep, heart abnormal rhythm, my medication was cut back from 120 mg/ day to 90 mg/day. But now I'm swelling up, shaking tremors all the time, burning legs, depressed, and sluggish..

I think I'm hypo and tests above prior to cutting me back showed hypo t4?here are my last 5 tests which show ok results except for the last two. My tsh s over the map, t4 decreasing, t3 decreasing and tsh decreasing despite med increase ( now they decreased it and I can hardly move due to pain)...

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2016-05-09 2016-01-25 2016-01-11 2014-10-01 2013-11-25
2016-05-09 2016-01-25 2016-01-11 2014-10-01 2013-11-25
T4 Free
T3 Free
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Your graph didn't come out well, but your current labs indicate that you are hypo, in spite of low TSH... Your FT4 is below range, which isn't really uncommon for one on desiccate hormones.  Many people on desiccated hormones have to add a separate source of T4, such as Synthroid, levothyroxine, Levoxyl, etc.  That said your FT3 is also too low in the range, so your dosage should not have been decreased.  It looks like that might have been done, based on the low TSH...

I also have to wonder about your vitamin D... 10,000, IU/day since 2007 is a pretty hefty dose.  Doses like that are usually only recommended when one is deficient and needs to bring levels up, then dosage is cut back to maintenance dosage of around 2,000 IU/day... Vitamin D is toxic if levels are too high and can cause high blood pressure, sickness, body pain, etc.  Vitamin D levels should be around 60-80 to be optimal... any higher than 100 could be detrimental.  If your doctor refuses to test, we can give you the name of online labs from which you can order the test yourself.

Your B-12 is on the low side... your lab is using an odd reference range.  Most labs use a range of 200-1100 or at least 200-900.  Most of us find that we need B-12 to be at the upper end of those ranges in order to keep symptoms of deficiency at bay.  My lab even puts note on the report stating that anything less than 500 can cause symptoms of deficiency.

Your symptoms could be a combination of hypothyroidism, low B-12 and high vitamin D.  
Thanks Barb; I will pay privately for B andD and what else? I pay privately for tsh, t4, t3, anti-tpo as here is Canada the doctor will only treat me with synthroid which did not relieve my symptoms... They usually only test tsh which for me is not an answer. After increasing my NDT by 30 mg/day my t4 and T3 decreased further. Which does not make sense?What other tests should I pay for? Where can I send blood tests to?
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My Naturalpath orders tsh, t4, t3 and anti-tpo but can't order D, B or reverser t3 and my doctor won't do those ones? So I'm unsure how to get those tested without a requisition
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