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Any help here is appreciated. I originally had saliva testing done for bio-identical hormones for which a compound pharmacist recommended Vitamin D 1000 IU for insulin resistance, cortef 5mg @7am and 5mg at noon for adrenal fatigue. Started that and took it for 3 weeks. Felt horrible. Went to my primary Dr. and blood work showed  a TSH of 14.77!!!   But FSH was 85.5,T3 was 130 and T4 was 1.4 so ok there. I asked for Armour (don't like anything synthetic). I have dropped the cortef and vit D and since started today on 60mg. I am really foggy, no memory or libido. Weight gain, tired and sleep 8 or 9 hours (never done that before), muscle aches. oh, and choesterol and LDL sky high!  Help!
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Hi Stella,
I guess I should have been more specific. After my salvia testing the coumpound pharmacist recommended the cortef and vitamin D. I started both and felt really terrible so I (on my own) stopped the cortef and cut the Vitamin D in half. I am now just starting on the armour but am reluctant to go back to the cortef as I feel quite good right now. He said that the cortef would give me more energy and it did the opposite..I could barely keep my eyes open! My pharmacist also insisted that I am stressed out and I told him that I am NOT! My life is just not stressful. My biggest concerns here are my extremely high cholestrol, bad LDL levels which I read can be caused by hypo. I also experince weight gain , low libedo,and of courrse fatigue. My TSH was 14.77. I desperately want to get things back in working order and lose some weight. What do you think.?Should I start the cortef back up? I only like to introduce one pill at a time to see the side effects and then add things slowly. I am also NOT a big pill person and definately NOT wanting to take any medications, but if I need some natural things to get back to where I should be I will.
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You may find that if you have adrenal distress - which your cortef most likely was prescribed to you for.

That those adrenals are counteracting your Amour medication and is no allowing it to work as it is intended.

Did your doctor decide to drop your HC? If so, then you need another adrenal test to see if your adrenals are working up to par now.

If they are not working right - your Armour could backfire on you.
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Sorry, I forgot to post the link.

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I think you might be interested in reading this article.  Notice the author's belief that trying to alleviate symptoms by using TSH as the criterion for success is a waste.  Free T3 correlates best to hypo t symptoms.  If you just started on Armour, you can expect that it may take a while to get you to the proper level and give your body time to heal.
Good luck and keep us tuned in.
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