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Larger thyroid gland after iodine uptake test and scan?

Hi all-
     This past Friday, 1-21-11, I had my iodine uptake test and scan at Mayo Clinic in Mn. They had me swallow a small vial of I 131 ( I know it was 131 because it said it on the side of the small glass jar) and then come back 4 hours later and did my uptake and scan.
     My thyroid gland got much larger and firmer the next two days, and my symptoms seem a little more elevated. My understanding is 131 can kill cells, could this be the reason for my elevated symptoms do you think?
     I am scheduled this Friday for the 131 ablation at 9:30. I am really nervous about the ablation, but I am tired of feeling hyper and having all of these bad symptoms.
      Did any of you have the I 131 for your uptake and scan also or did you have the 123?
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You'll probably find the iodine set you off with your thyroid becoming more hyper, hence it being larger and more solid. It was reacting to the iodine.

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Camn be "radiation induced thyroiditis"
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Ok, the lab just called and said I had a 64% uptake in 4 hours and that I have nodules. They are going ahead with the radio iodine this Friday. Soooo scared. Do you think I will have a large dose now because of the nodules?
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I think the dose is the same for everyone. Don't quote me on that, but that is what I know of it. Good luck!
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How do they pick who they are doing tis to?  Should we all have an uptake scan?
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Ok, I just found out today that I am having 12 mci of the I 131 on Friday. Is this a medium dose? Did anyone else have this dose if so were you sick or swollen afterwords?
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I had my first endo visit today...I have no symptoms but my labs say hyperthyroid and positive antibody...doc wants to do an uptake scan to see what the thryoid is doing...I was really nervous about it but he reassured me and they will use the I 123 which he said does not kill cells.....He also did my lab work today and said if the numbers look a little better I won't need the scan....

I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I am wondering why they used the 131?  If I do the scan, I will take a pill and go back in the next day for the scan...
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I am not sure why they use 131, but my understanding is either 131 or 123 is used. The 123 is used more often, I guess I was just lucky and got the 131 :-) I go in for my ablation dose tomorrow morning. Good luck on all of your tests, my hyper symptoms started after my blood said hyper.
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