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My Dr. listened to symptoms!!

Just wanted to say I have to give my Dr. some credit.  I recieved my last TSH and it was 4.7.  The Dr. that tested did not want to medicate or do more tests.  I went to my reg. Dr. yesterday and she said she would absolutely medicate and do more labs.  I had my symptom list and my argument all laid out.  I didn't even have to fight for it!  I start on 25mg. synthoid today.  I know it will take a while to tell any difference, but just knowing someone agrees that something is wrong is such a relief.  I had a major anxiety attack waiting for the appointment-just glad its over.
My Dr. said people are not cookie cutters and numbers aren't the definitive factor.  

Can someone tell me about any success with weight loss on synthoid?  I hope I feel well enough soon to exercise.
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That is great news! I have several Dr's that listen to my SYMPTOMS as well and it is a great feeling! My Endo being on of them. He has actually told me to report and symptoms I may be having. So when I have something out of the ordinary, I call his asst and leave a message or talk directly to her. He usually gets back to me within 24 hours!! I had a Total Thyroidectomy in March and I am on Armour and starting to exercise once again.It feels great too!!

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are any of these doctors in the Cincinnati area?
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Sorry, but no.  I am in Va.  I was really surprised by my Dr.s attitude because I didn't think she had ever listened to me.  She still likes to hear her own voice, but as long as I think she is trying to help, I'm all for it.  I had been diagnosed by other Dr. as having BPPV, acid reflux, tendonitis and a host of other things for the last 2 years.  Me, myself, thought my anxiety was situational because of some financial problems. I'm 41 so the idea of perimenopause was explored and periods were becoming a little messed up. I finally had someone say, "Well, even though I don't think its your thyroid, I will run lthe tests."  Thats when I did some research and I had all the symptoms.  I  am so glad I'm not crazy!!

Hope you find someone to help.
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