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Numb Lips?

Hello everyone, I was just sitting there about 5 mins ago and my lips went numb. I'v been feeling very bad for the past few weeks and my doctor wants to check my thyroid. Is this another symptom of it? Its only happend twice but it freaks me out when it does. It lasts about 5 seconds.
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You might want to have your calcium levels checked. It's a simple blood test. Low calcium can cause tingling and numbness, especially in face and extremities.
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Yes, have your calcium level checked. Sounds like yours is low. When I get that tingling feeling around mouth it is a lower level of calcium so I take a couple of tums.  (this also happens when one gives platelets at the blood center.  They, too, will give you a couple of tums and tell you it is your calclium level dropping.  Weird, huh?
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