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POLL: Did you know we have a Thyroid Disorder Tracker? Are you using it? Do you like it? Have you shown your Dr? What did he/she say? ....

If you don't have the tracker and want to use it

Go to MyMedHelp
Click on Trackers tab
Click on Trackers on the right hand side
And then click on any tracker you want to use -- the Thyroid Tracker is GREAT!

Let me know if you need assistance.  All the trackers can be set for privacy (public, friends, private, etc.)

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I tried using the tracker.
It is hard to see a trend when you have numbers in the "subclinical" range.
I am going to make up my own chart using a different scale on Excel or something like it.
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I use the tracker. It is very benefial in many ways. I tend to forget things so that helps me to keep track.....

Could someone tell me how we can show this to the dr? I guess print it out? And if so, some hints, as I wouldn't want to take a pink copy into the dr.

Thanks. It is a big help.
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Hey Kitty --- thanks for responding.  What are your subclinical #'s ... this way I can pass along the info.


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Here is how you can print it with a viewable range:

I have been able to print out my thyroid tracker using this method listed below.  It allows me the ability to capture the timeframe I want my Dr. to see in print.

*  Right Click on the Tracker
*  Save the Image to your Desktop (you can send to someone or or open it from here)
*  Open your saved work from the Desktop icon
*  Print that image out

*  You can move the timeline back and forth to get the right timeframe in the printout

See if that helps ?

CoCL Thyroid
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YIPPEEE!!! Thank you Cheryl. That is fantastic to know....
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I use the tracker as a place to store all my thyroid med/levels info. I find it helpful to keep it all in one place, but since I've only been dealing with thyroid issues for a few months, there isn't much to use it for at this point.
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I use the trackers quite often.  I helps me stay a little focus, since sometimes I wonder if I ADD....  So thanks for the trackers.
I make a copy and bring it with me to the endo dr next month.  

great idea. Thanks


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I use it and love it, because I can view my levels and how they change over time, as well as the common symptoms I'm experiencing. I only wish there was an area to add the RAIU information, and label that I had a doctor's appointment that day.

I don't have a doctor to show this to, yet--otherwise, I would. :(
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Thought with all our new members, this is a good post to bring forward again.  You can now print the tracker!

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