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Painful Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

I recently read an article entitled "Painful Hashimoto's Thyroiditis" published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2003.  It speaks of cases of Hashimotos (not Subactuate Thyroiditis) - in which there is extreme pain in the neck which radiates to ear/jaw/throat etc.  

I wondered if anyone here has heard of or experienced these symptoms with Hashimotos.  I have a 2.4 cm nodule on my right thyroid (detected 7 years ago) and recently have tested for tpo antibodies and given the diagnosisi of Hashimotos.  My thyroid levels are reading in normal range and the TSH is about .4 .

I have suffered with chronic debilitating pain in the neck/jaw/ ear and also shoulder and spine for a very long time.
There are some small herniations in my cervical spine and tears in my shoulder, but nothing seems to explain the level of pain (and quality) that I'm coping with day to day.  I am 44 years old, and extremely non-functional due to pain and also nausea, sweats spasm etc.  

Would be much appreciative if anyone could share their thoughts on what (if any) connection I should make between my symptoms and the Hashimotos/nodules.  I am very tender around the front of neck/thyroid area ...and have what appears to be a fullness above the clavicle on the right (nodule) side.

Thanks for your help.

ps:  I had the nodule biopsied 7 years ago.  Although the report was read as benign (mixed folicular cells) - I am being asked to repeat the test as it was not "impressive" according to my current endocrinologist.  Thanks again.
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I would definitely get another biopsy.  7 years seems way too long to have a nodule without serial testing.  Did the nodule grow in the 7 years??   Just curious.  Also, the nodule is large, why did they not recommend removing it?
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Ultrasound of the neck can be helpful, as if Hashimoto's disease progresseds over time more nodules can form. Most of your pain can be due to the cervical spine problems[ I have had back injury in the past so I know what I mean], but "part" of the pain can also be result of thyroiditis attaks [kind of similar to "artritic of the thyroid"]. are you taking some sort of antiinflammatory painkillers?
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898, just started taking high doses of asprin to test (1000 mg dose).  I do have a lot of what I thought was cervical spine pain...but I also have so much tenderness in the front of my neck and up into my jaw and ear that I wonder what this Hashimotos/nodule may have to do with it all.  Most of my pain is also right sided and that's the lobe the nodules are on (I do have a much smaller nodule along with the 2.4 cm one.  Do you think the inflammation from the Hashi can irritate the deep neck muscles (scalenes, stylohyoid etc.) and add to cervical problems?

mommy2, I have had the nodules monitored and they haven't grown in the 7 years.  I do plan to have another FNA just to be sure there isn't cancer.  If it were cancer, do you expect there would have been growth in size of the nodules?  I understand the biopsy might also give clues as to how much inflammation is taking place there...  

Frustrating... I do notice on here that there is a lot of folks with joint/spine/muscle pain who also have thyroid autoimmune disease.  Makes me wonder.

Thanks much! RobynLee

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I also have hashimotos, and the pain u described.I also has cervical spinal stinosis and chiari malformation, so I am not clear on which is causing the symptoms.
I just had anothe US on Fri- no results yet( 6 month check)My nodules were too small for the biopsy.

I have had a gross amount of weight gain in the past 3 months.

I am as frustrated as u!!

Good luck
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The inflammation from Hashi and local swelling of the thyroid can irritate nerves and cause pain, not sure about the muscles; the cancer causes RAPID increase of nodule size in a matter of 2 months; usually the ultrasound is used for monitoring the size of the nodule; the biopsy is necessary if there some changes sbout the size and structure of nodules are noted.
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Gosh you've been through the ringer! I hope things get better for you and quickly. I have a few questions... You spoke of a lump near your clavicle... I see a lump in your photo... is this the one you are referring too? How long have you had this lump? Is it slightly lighter or darker in relation too your regular skin tone? Is it hard or fatty/fluid?
Do you have any raised areas on your skin that appear puffy and painful?
I read your other question in the Neurology Forum... How long since having eye problems?
You head and neck pain is just since you had the car accident? But, the pain in your clavicle area radiates towards your ears and surrounding area? Was this prior to the accident?
You state you hurt all over... just since the accident? or was that prior?

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