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Painful thyroiditis, natural cure???

I just got over the flu and started with painful swallowing.  I have a swelling in the front top of my neck and the whole neck is sore.  I don't know if this is from the thyroid but from what I have looked up it may be "Subacute Painful Thyroiditis"  Are there natural treatments for this?   Vitamin supplements??? I have problems taking medications so I need to seek natural ideas.  I appreciate any input.  Thank you.
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There is no natural treatment.

If you do indeed have "Subacute Painful Thyroiditis" you need to go to doctors to confirm it.
Hyperthyroid might be present and you might need other meds.

Also, occasionally the thyroid has been so destroyed that it can never produce normal quantities of thyroid hormone. In this case, permanent hypothyroidism results and medication is necessary.

Learn to take medications - one day they just might save your life.  I believe, if your problem is serious enough, there are injections and you will have to learn to do that for yourself, unless you want to go to the doctor/hospital everyday.
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I'm not certain if your pain/discomfort is what I've been going through, but I've been drinking a TON of water and making sure that I take my multi-vitamin w/o iodine, and taking my esential fatty acids.  it seems to lessen my throat issues.  I hope this helps you, as well.  :)
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The swelling and pain have eased up.  I try to drink lots of water and I drink fresh juicers since mutivitamins usually make me ill.  I'm paying close attention to any symptoms.  'Graves Lady', you misunderstood what I ment  about meds.  It's not that I won't take them, I usually can't take them.  I have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue/chemical sensitivity.  My insides are really sensitive to everything.  I am considering going to the Doctor for a check up.  Thanks.
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I have found that for thryoid problems (hypothyroidism) which I have, ARmour thryoid helps. I suffered anxiety and other side effects from Synthriod...good luck~!
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