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Possible Hashimotos? Chronic Symptoms

Hello. I have been going through several chronic symptoms everyday. All the research that I've done leads to Hashimotos but every doctor I see will not do anything for me since all of my bloodwork is normal. So frustrating. They tested my thyroid antibodies, TSH, T3 and T4 all in normal range according to them.

For over a year I've been suffering from a heavy head/pressure in my head, dizziness, blurry vision, terrible heartburn, heart palpitations, swollen body mainly hands and feet and those are just a few. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic fibromyalgia pain as well, which I'm sure have something to do with my thyroid.

I'm at my wits end with all of this especially because I can't drive and have to depend on others to take me to the doctor. I'm irritated that all of these doctors only go by what's on paper before they will help you and they refuse to believe that you know your body better than they do. I don't know what to do anymore.

I was told to take fish oil and I'm taking Vitamin D since I was low but now in range but still going to continue taking it. I know Vitamin D is very important for your body because it can make everything worse if your low. Please help! Does anyone have any suggestions since none of these doctors will help me? Are there any supplements I can take to help all of these horrible symptoms? Thank you.
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Please post the results of all your thyroid blood work along with their reference ranges.  Ranges vary lab to lab, so they have to come from your own lab report.  Just being "in range" often isn't enough to make us feel well.

What is your current vitamin D level?

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did they test your t4 and t3 or free f4 free t3...you can call and tell dr you are going by for copy of labs to keep for your records and they will give it to you free....so many doctors are clueless because hypothyroidism is so complicated or complex even for the experienced, it is not a one size fits all disease..... but they are many similarities and those with it are the best to ask,.....
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Hello. Here are my labs:

Feb 2014 TSH 3.63   Range 0.45 - 4.50
May 2014 TSH 3.25
July 2014 TSH 1.48

My TSH has gone down, I know this is good, but don't know why it lowered.

T3 Uptake 29.4       Range 23.4 - 42.7
T4 Thyroxine 10.7   Range 4.5 - 12.5
T7 Index 3.1    Range 1.2 - 4.3
Free T3  2.9    Range 2.0 - 4.8
Free T4  1.7    Range 0.8 - 2.7
TPO-ab  <10   Range <35

Vitamin D 33   Range 30-100
This will go up since I'm still on 50,000 IUs weekly.

Thank you.
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Hi. Thank you for responding. They did test my free T3 and T4, I posted my labs. I agree this is definitely complicated especially since I've been going through these recent symptoms for over a year without any help. I've actually been suffering from fatigue and memory problems for 18 years but they claim it's chronic fatigue syndrome until I started with many more symptoms I now feel it has been thyroid related all along. Slowly over the years I get worse and worse mainly when I stress.
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Is the range on your FT4 0.8-2.7, or should it be 0.8-1.7.?

Your vitamin D is extremely low.  If vitamin D levels are not adequate, thyroid hormone can't get into cells and do its job properly.  So, even if your blood thyroid hormone levels are adequate, you can feel hypo because you are at the cellular level.

Just wanted to check that FT4 range before I comment further...
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The Free T4 range is correct. I'm at 1.7 and the range on the lab paperwork is 0.8 - 2.7.

So do you think once my Vitamin D level gets higher I may see some changes? All of this is so complicated.
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Thanks for checking that.  That's a very high top end for FT4, so I thought I'd better check.

Your FT4 is just a little below midrange.  It's at 47% of range, which is right where FT4 should be.

FT3 s at 32% of range, which is a short of the 50+% guideline,  However, since you are not on meds and still have thyroid hormones "on demand", FT3 tends to be much more dynamic than in those of us on meds.  I think your FT3 bears watching, but I'd certainly correct the D deficiency before I addressed FT3.

The recommendation is for D to be in the 50-70 range for thyroid hormones to be properly metabolized.  So, I'd work on that for a while and see how your FT3 and FT4 are affected as it rises, and how you feel.  I do think you could see some changes.    

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Thank you goolarra for your input, I appreciate it. I do feel some changes may happen as my Vitamin D rises, however, I wish I could take something now to help my symptoms since it will take a few months for my D to get to the correct level. The pressure in my head is what worries me the most. It feels like my brain is being squeezed and I can't think well sometimes.

All the research I've done basically confirms it's thyroid related but doesn't say what I can do about it. So frustrating. I don't see anyone talking about herbal supplements which I'm interested in. I don't see how I can live life like this. It's dibilitating.

Can you tell me a little more about the cellular level? Thank you.

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I know you want to feel better NOW, but taking thyroid meds isn't a feel better now kind of thing.  Thyroid hormones, like the D you are taking, take 4-6 weeks to reach full potential in your blood.  So, they put you on an initial dose, your wait 4 weeks, retest, adjust and repeat that sequence until you get it right.  Often, symptoms get worse before they get better.  It can be a frustrating process.

Different people have luck with different supplements.  I take one supplement only, so I can't be of much help to you there.  You might try starting a new thread with something in the title about herbal remedies.

So, here's what happens.  Your thyroid produces mostly T4, which is the "storage" form of the thyroid hormones.  T4 floats around in your blood until it's needed.  Your thyroid also produces a little bit of T3, the active form of the thyroid hormones, but by far most of the T3 we use comes from conversion.  Conversion is a separate metabolic process and has little to do with the thyroid.  Conversion happens in the liver and in the actual cells that want the thyroid hormone.  T4 is unusable by cells until it is converted to T3.

If vitamin D level (and several other vitamin and mineral levels) isn't high enough, the cells can't convert and take in thyroid hormone.  So, even though there's plenty of FT3 and FT4 in the blood, it can't get to your cells where it's needed.  So, you FEEL hypo, even thought there's technically nothing wrong with your thyroid, and your serum FT3 and FT4 levels are fine.  You ARE hypo, but it's not for lack of thyroid hormone.

Your cells have to have enough D to convert FT4 to FT3, to transport thyroid hormone into the cell and to properly metabolize the thyroid hormone once there.

Hope that helps to clarify.  

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Your explanation was wonderful, thank you.

I was also told my iron is a bit low, but not much maybe a point or so. Do you think low iron has something to do with my symptoms also?

Since my thyroid hormones are in range, I agree when you say it's more about my vitamins and minerals not being where they should be.
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Yes, definitely, iron is another one that has to be there for thyroid hormones to work properly.  Did they do a full iron panel?  It's ferritin that's the real issue with thyroid.  If so, please post your results.  Ferritin is another that has to be well up into the range.  

Also, low iron can cause some of the same symptoms as hypo, including hair loss and fatigue.  
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I think these are the right ones for iron. There's a list called Hemogram with Platelet:

WBC 7.7              Range 4.0 - 11.0
RBC 4.85             Range 3.70 - 5.40
Hemoglobin 12.3   Range 11.5 - 16.0
Hematocrit 39.8    Range 35.0 - 48.0
MCV 82               Range 78 - 100
MCH 25.4            Range 27.0 - 34.0 (LOW)
MCHC 30.9          Range 31.0 - 37.0 (LOW)
RDW(cv) 14.5       Range 12.1 - 18.2
RDW(sd) 43.5      Range 36.0 - 55.0
Platelet Count 321  Range 130 - 450
MPV 10.6              Range 7.5 - 14.0

They said in whole my iron is fine but when they break it down that's when some of the levels are low.
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