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Rage attacks/severe symptoms from hypothyroid

Last year I noticed a change in my fiancé. He was having severe anxiety, was always to tired or couldn't sleep at all. Than the rage attacks started. He would become someone I didn't even know. Smashing holes in walls, breaking things, saying things he wouldn't normally say. In that time we went to many therapists and a neurologist. After 6 months we finally found his thyroid levels were at 20 something. He was put on synthroid 55mcg his levels went down to 3 than medicine was raised to 88mcg  with news that his levels should go down to .5 within next few months. While being on the medicine the anxiety, rage attacks, sleeping all got increasingly better and he got back to the man I once knew and loved. Although the last month I noticed the color draining from him, anxiety kicking back up and irrational behavior starting. I called in for a blood test and his levels are up back up to 10!! even though his synthroid  Medicine was raised! I'm very concerned since this affects him so negatively. Does anyone else face horrible symptoms like these?? I read a thyroid disease can even mimic schizophrenia? Should I talk to the doctor about other forms of anxiety, mood stabilizers while his levels are getting back to normal?
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yes, thyroid can truely cause the problems you describe.  I am so glad you found the cause.  Best thing is to get and keep his thyroid well regulated.  make sure they test FT3 and FT4 as well as TSH to keep both of these in the upper 1/2 of their reference range and TSH in the lower end.

Would not recommend the other drugs if he doesn't otherwise have a need as these drugs also can have problems / serious side effects.  Thyroid should always be optimally treated before any psychiatric medications are considered.

Make sure he is takinga  vitamin D supplement (if required - he should be tested for Vit D) and B12 vitamins as well as well as a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Good if you can do this together as a couple if tyhis works for you.

Then make sure he is tested early if you he notice he starts to feel unwell.
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you just described me something like 9 months ago.

But i suffer of hyperT ... not hypoT ... or that's what they say... but one thing i've noticed is that i get HULK when i feel under stress... or viceversa if im under the slight tone of stress i'd be hulk...

The only thing that has been coincidentally high with those rage attacks have been the TPO Antibodies... now they are over 1300 (where normal value is less than 60)

That could be my imagination, but the strange thing is that the underlying cause  of my hyperT is allegely Grave's disease... BUT this increasing TPOAb denotes hashimotos tiroiditis...

My story is a  bit different than that one of ur fiance.... have u gotten explanation of the hypoT? is it autoinmune?

I'd insist to check the antibodies necessary to rule out ether grave's or hashimoto...

oh, one similar thing was that i got all crazy just 3 months before the wedding... i swear i don't know how my now husband really managed me... but one thing i can tell u, ur fiance needs all the support and comprehension at this point.... is horrible, i can tell u... and u might get hurt but i swearr is not with evil purpose, u just cannot control urself.... imagine me, as a woman, and i managed to crack a wall, and  break some other items...

patience, love, comprehension... let himo know that u understand and pleaaase dont get pissed urself.... is not easy i can assure u....

love to u thyroidnightmare...

ps, if u are wodnering i haven't gotten cured yet, i dont even know what i hav e for real, but the love patience and understanding of my husband has made a big deal of difference... :)
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Are you still having the rage? Have you considered other medications to help deal with rage? It feels so good knowing we aren't the only ones out there with this problem.. When everyone else just assumed he was going crazy!!!
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I agree about getting TPOab and TGab tested.  Hashi's is the most prevalent cuse of hypo in the developed world.  It is a degenerative disease with more and more thyroid function being lost all the time.  In the initial stages, as the thyroid is in the process of "dying" off, you have to keep increasing meds to keep up with the degeneration.  Eventually, you will be on 100% hormone replacement and meds will stabilize, although many factors can affect our hormone needs throughout our lives.

It is very important, also, as Sally pointed out, to test FREE T3 and FREE T4 every time labs are drawn.  Make sure you ask for "free" on both those as there's also a total T3 and total T4 test that's not nearly as useful, but is the default if "free" isn't specified.  TSH is very volatile and can be influenced by any number of factors besides thyroid hormone levels.

If meds are in the process of being adjusted, test every 4-6 weeks.  After an adjustment, you should always be tested after 4-6 weeks to see what the change has done to your levels.  
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Yes i still have those attacks but they are less severe (or less angry) cause now i understand the underlying cause and i have learned from my husband that pride is the last thing and cant help me.

No meds. I don't do drugs. There is no such thing as the magic-drug that will calm you down... in fact, those psychotropic drugs will make it worse in long run... so thanks but no thanks...

I went to this workshop: http://www.kimslattery.com/workshops.aspx?ID=13

Which is based on this: http://www.louisehay.com/

And you might think this is a flower power hippie stuff.. but is not...!! I don't know how to explain it, I would be the first person like "oh c'mon that's ********" .... but it was not! and Im very glad i went. it's an eye opener.

I do a lot of sports, maybe that has helped me, but that's something i have done all my life.

People say that you should do Yoga, but i hate yoga (cause i lived in India like 4 years and well, long story) ... i know i should try as well...

You can't be sure of anything until you give a try... the trick is really to get yourself to try (like when i went to that workshop)

But you can't push your fiance to do this or that... u need to be careful on that...

Have you considered postponing your wedding? In m opinion maybe you should... we were going to, but we were 3 months before the wedding and we live in europe, so many guests had purchased their over 1000€ tickets already... So we made investigations and stuff, basically we didn't care much about the local or european guests, but those flying over the atlantic were really a bunch with no chance to change tickets...

But we were really considering cancelling it, it was my idea to cancel then my decision to keep going... you actually need a LOT of peace...

mmm... well thinking twice, in reality to be super honest here, the wedding was the least of my worries, that's why we continued, the least of anything... cause i felt so bad that i couldn't give a damn at some point for my wedding.... and it worked fine!!

If you are a bridezilla (like me in the beggining at some of my worse thyroid attacks) like: YOU HAVENT HELPED IN ANYTHING!!! uh uh... wrong way... that's gonna make it worse

So consider postponing.... health is more important, believe me... and you are in this together... if he is sick you are sick, cause you become one with marriage... and you don't want that this ruins that day and the rest of your lives cause is the greatest thing ever... resentments are not good foundation for marriage

Don't go to him and say: i think we should postpone the wedding... BIG NO

Instead always communicate in a positive way, for example "do you think it might help you feel better if we push our weeding some months ahead? I don't mind, i care about you"  <- or whatever similar

you need to say it with love, not as a threat. there i cannot advise you, you know your man. But he needs to understand that whatever you do, is not against him (believe me, that's one thing i got all the time, the paranoia that people are doing things against me)

Oh, he needs to be off work, that helped me A LOT...  

But you know, he also needs to do a lot of initial thinking..  and i cannot help you there cause i did it on my own...

cause, if you tell him maybe he will get pissed... have you tried like " i know you feel bad and i support whatever you want to do next... what is what you want to do next... how can i help you to feel better... "  ... then you can start like "maybe WE could do this or that or whatever, what do you think?"... don't impose yourself, at least I know that helped me a lot...

Cause one thing i did all the time was fighting back, and you can't just stop... then everyone is your enemy, and you take every action from whomever (yes fiances included) as against you... is horrible...

Takes a lot, i think to swallow that human-pride, maybe my husband should talk to you, sometimes when he really couldn't handle me, like the worst of the worst he would just leave, not like abandoning me but like "you need your time, i'll come back in a while" .... then some reasoning would kick on me, and he is sooooo generous, so forgiving, sooo no-selfish, seriously that made me feel like an idiot everytime i had my rage attacks...

I've been so desperate, like in a hollywood movie, u n b e l i e v a b l e ... like being in the middle of a rage attack, get a panic attack at the same time, dropping whatever i was using to destroy whatever else i was destroying and getting on my knees to start crying like a baby.... oh gosh!!! you cannot imagine, feels HORRIBLE...

Now, my husband could have chosen to shout back to me, get pissed in the middle of my attack and who-knows-whatever else... but instead he chose to kind of look at me (maybe he was all shocked) but he wouldn't say a word, that's when the calming and crying comes...  

I have to say, he had to put a lot from his side on this, i feel immensely  blessed...

Ah, and there is one more thing, this is not going to disappear from one day to other...  :(

That's why you need to help him start removing one by one the different sources of stress or irritability.... My husband has asked me if i would like to quit my job "we will manage just with my salary, dont worry"....

I don't know what to say, if you are certain of the lovely man he was and that this is only about the disease, then pass the storm with him, and protect him.... if it's something else, then maybe is good time to separate... ask your heart and stick with that :)

Love to you both, if you fix it in your mind, you will succeed :) ... strenght!!

ps . i am NOT a flowerpower hippie!! EHHH just to be clear, incredible for me to have all this pink and love speech, but i feel proud of myself that im able to do it now... :D oh, i want to cry!

ps. I did a lot of work on my own as well but that came until i accepted i was sick and how it affected my life (that was easy though)

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oh, forgot to mention,... i do drink infusions though.... but not really with the purpose of calming my rage...  it occured to me that maybe might help.

This one is my favorite: "My Time" it's from a german company Teekanne. It has rooibos, honeybush, lemon balm, hop, cinnamon and cardamom...

You can probably prepare him one of this herbal infusions... attention, no black tea or green tea, that will make him have a bit of palpitations due to the caffeeine (or whatever those have) ... and make him feel anxious....
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Wow, what a wonderful person u have Karletta. My family just chose to desert me, it hurt me so deeply. Took me a while but i'm slowly gettng over it. In addition to the anger, I think i had to deal with the resentment that i felt at their abandoning me in my time of need n vulnerability.
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Wow, what a wonderful person u have Karletta. My family just chose to desert me, it hurt me so deeply. Took me a while but i'm slowly gettng over it. In addition to the anger, I think i had to deal with the resentment that i felt at their abandoning me in my time of need n vulnerability.
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Something very similar has just happened to my fiancé two nights ago. He becomes someone different, he jumps on top of me and says he will hurt me. He apologizes after and says he has no idea why he says those things or what is happening to him to make him say things like that. He loses control. Honestly it scares me, I've told him he needs help, so as I am typing this, he is actually at the hospital speaking with Crisis. They did blood and urine tests, it came back saying his thyroid is off. I am hoping and praying thyroid medication will help him get back to being the man I fell in love with. I don't want to be scared to come home anymore because of his raging outbursts.
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Wow, I am reading this and I am in tears. I have Graves disease, when I was first Diagnosed 15 Years ago, I was 98% over. I am usually about 150 in weight, at that time, I was 112 pounds.. I have found that in the last 5 years, if I am overwhelmed by too much, I just get these attacks, where I feel like I just cannot handle anything. I want to pull my hair out, and I cannot control it. My love of my life/husband after 20 years up and left me while I was away visiting family... It has been about a year now, and I still have the spouts every once in a while. It is very nice to hear that I am not a crazy person that should lock herself up. Now I don't break anything, but I sure want to. My thyroid has been level for years though. so I guess I am bit confused on what else I can do. I did take Zoloft for quite some time, which really really helped,  but I started blacking out after  2 years of taking it, on just one glass of wine. I would wake up the next day and not remember going to bed. Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for sharing their story with all of us. When you feel these rage's coming on, you feel like the only person on the earth, and since my husband left me because of it, I guess I just feel lost. Thanks for sharing. My family always pokes fun of me regarding my emotions for years, but as they have been more educated on my disease, they have become more empathetic, so I am thankful for that, but sometimes just feel frustrated that I am different, and cannot take on a lot at one time. I do fine, until I have more than 3-4 things on my plate, then If something goes wrong, I just wig out. I just feel like it is a ten, when most people would probably think in their minds it is is 2 or 3. Just crazy that others feel this way. You know my endocrinologist has never even talked to me about my emotions really. I think it is sad. Someone needs to tell people they are not alone in this nightmare.
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I need to vent a little because there is no one I can talk to about what my husband and I are going through. We met 7 years ago. He is an amazing man whom I love dearly. Thoughtful, loving, attentive, great provider. My soulmate. We got married almost 5 years ago. About 4 years ago he started to change. Along with all the most common symptoms of thyroid disease he started having a short temper. About 3 years ago he finally went to the doctor and was found to have hypothyroidism. The doctor told him his body attacked his thyroid (is that Hashimotos?). They started him on the lowest dose of Synthroid. He hates going to the doctor so it took 2 years of me bugging him to go get bloodwork done to get his Synthroid up to 112 mcg. I can tell he still feels like crap and his anger towards me continues. Finally that doctor refused to fill his prescription until he was seen. He became enraged in the waiting room of that doctor because he felt he waited too long and fired the doctor. Luckily he found a new doctor quickly who he seems to click with. His TSH at that doctor was 7.5 . The doctor raised him to 125mcg. (His TSH at 100mcg was 8.) The anger towards me continues to escalate.  I can't do anything right . It is almost a daily occurance where I do, don't do, or "look at him wrong" that will send him into a screaming rage. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells all the time. Yesterday he was off work for a snow day. I thought we were having a "good day". He was reaching into the freezer and the crack of his butt was showing. I playfully tickled it. He went into a massive rage, spun around and threw whatever frozen food was in his hand at my face, breaking my nose. I ended up knocked to the ground in a puddle of blood crying hysterically. I am shocked, confused,in pain, and am in disbelief that he could fly off the handle so much to hurt me this bad. He immediately felt sorry at what he had done and offered to take me to the hospital but I refused. I was afraid they would arrest him for domestic violence. I am still in disbelief almost 24 hours later. I know that these rages he gets are from his under treated thyroid disease. He is almost a month late in getting his bloodwork done from this new doctor. I can tell the doctor from my personal experience that the dose is not anywhere close to the right dose. Sorry I just had to vent. I'm just trying to decide what I need to do...
Linda! I'm so sorry this happened to you, but this is abuse. I have thyroid issues as well and if I ever became violent towards ANYONE, especially my family, I would hope that someone would call the police and report it. Your husband needs help beyond the thyroid medication. There may be an underlying mental health issue contributing to this. I fear for your safety. Please, please do something. Here is a website for help, the number is on the top: http://www.thehotline.org
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I have Lyme disease and Co-infections especially bartonella. I have episodes like your husband's. They've gotten fewer and far between with treatment. It's still happens once or twice a month. I feel your pain. I also suspect something with my thyroid as I have an enlarged one it seems.
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