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Root canal and Hashimotos

Not a question but a kind of follow up on my tooth problem. I saw my dentist again on Monday, where we again discussed the 'pimple thingy' on my gum. He said he would do a root canal to see if this tooth was actually infected. He had done a CO2 test on it the week before and it had been dead. He started the root canal and MAN! (now I hope you aren't eating your dinner) the amount of pus that came out of my head was incredible...try 10 minutes of it! In the end he kept shaking his head, put a plug in it and took an xray. That showed the incredible HUGE black area in my upper cheekbone! Dark shadow is the infection.
  He told me he couldn't drain it totally so he has put chemicals in there to help stop it re-filling. If in a few weeks it still keeps puss-ing up he will send me to a specialist, to do an operation.
  He is still worried about mouth cancer, as it was more than a few weeks of infection and the bone has been eaten away.
NOW....he asked me if the Hashimoto's played up more every few months. I answered yes, he told me that the infection is more than likely a BIG trigger of it.
  I saw my Naturopath today, and after I told him what had happened. He said, "OH! THAT makes perfect sense! You, by now should have been singing and dancing with health!" I have been seeing him for over 3 months and have only been getting better very very slowly. He then asked me, "Does your Hashimoto's play up every few months?"
He too explained it to me, and you know...it all makes perfect sense!
  Now I just have an abscess I didn't have before! Grrrrrr..
The naturopath has recommended Swedish Bitters 2 drops in the evening, which has anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties in it. I leave to go to USA in 12 days! So he is confident that will ease it all up for a whlie and give my body a chance to heal.
  The Naturopath then took my hand and said, "You have been under attack for a long long time....no wonder you have felt so lousy! Here I was thinking I wasn't treating you correctly and it turns out you are a medical freak! " Hee hee.. I know he was kidding!
  Anyways, I think it is just fascinating to know that for over 5 years my Hashimoto's has flared up and down fairly regularly and all that time I had an infection I didn't even know was eating my body away!
  So there you go! Interesting hey?!
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I just had an infection too. Dentist thought i needed a root canal too. Yurned out a gum disease with a partial of something that was festering it.

3 weeks I was miserable. I posted here about it and 898 told me to use White Oak Bark found in a health food store. There was a certain way to prepare it - but since I was at work I couldn't do that.

In desperation I also read h202 is helpful by pressing two cotton balls drenched with h202 and press firmly on the gum

I wiggled that tooth so hard with the h202 it brought tears to my eyes. Then I filled a  used tea bag with the bark - soaked it to soften the wood (Yeah wood!) then stuffed it in my mouth like a piece of chew tobacco on the gum.

Next morning.................. all gone.

Thanks again 898!
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I have blisters on my gums and was told I need a root canal.  Where do you get h202,
tea bags with the bark?  Thank you, Thank you.  Endo this afternoon, hope I get numbers
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I am so glad for you.  It sounds promising that you can be well soon!  The pus story threw me off because I had the same thing happen when my tooth was pulled.  It just kept draining. Once it started to drain, it was only a matter of days before it felt like nothing was up there anymore!   Those with weak stomachs do not think too hard on this.  

I hope your cheek bone heals well.  It sounds like you're on the right road!! Keep great thoughts and spirits up!
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oh my!! YOu have a lot on your plate, but still maintain a sense of humor. You are truly an inspiration to us all~~
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