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Saw surgeon for infection ....

& it is a stitch abscess.  He said it is looking pretty good but is really perplexed how this has ocurred so far out from surgery (started @ 4 weeks post op) .. he said they "usually" happen much earlier and it's been a very long time since he's seen one like this and said, "look @ it .. it happened".

Gameplan is to continue with hot soaks and antibiotic and go back again in a week.  If it erupts again or gets worse again he is definitely going to drain it (lance it) without hesitation.  I agree.

My two lymph nodes at the Adam's apple are getting bigger daily and are red, tender to the touch.  He said that is all part of this.

It was actually good he wasn't in the office when this started on Thurs or he would have lanced it then LOL!  I told him so .. told him I "lucked out" and we laughed.

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Hi Cheryl
I'm so sorry to read about your infection.

I remember you posting about wearing a turtle-neck after surgery (not sure how soon after your surgery that was - but the post was 2/02).  

It is possible that the turtle-neck could have been the cause of infection - nice warm moist enviroment/perfect for growth of germs, slight movement of cloth over skin to brush germs into wound (your skin is normallly covered with germs that cause no problem if there is no wound).  If the stiches were external they provide a nice little tunnel for germs to get into especially with movement of the stitch (the dirty bit that sits on top of your skin should NEVER get drawn back into the wound bed).

Anything is possible really - did you touch the wound or stiches with your fingers before it was healed?

I was told not to touch the wound until it had healed over - all I could do was pat it dry with a clean towel after showers.  After all you don't want to rub the germs from under your arms or your bum into a wound??? Yuk!  That was a lot of washing for a few weeks!! LOL!!  I think it took between 2-3 weeks to heal over but I didn't have the complication of infection which will slow things down for you.

Now the scar has healed over I am rubbing vitamin E oil on it (I break open a capsule you would normally swallow - more potent than creams).  

Just my 2 c worth;
It wouldn't hurt if you took Vitamin C (at least 1000mg daily), Vitamins A and E (antioxidant vitamins) and zinc.  These will all stimulate your immune system and assist the healing process from a cellular level.

Best wishes for a speedy healing of your infection,

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Hey what a crummy thing to happen after all you have been through...teeth, surgery, recovery ect. then to get an abcessed stitch. So sorry kiddo....Keep it clean and dry. Use dial soap to wash it...get better!
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wow sis you have had a rough time of it.
Be well and heal soon
Love Venora
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Ouch!  That doesn't sound fun!  At least you have some medicine to help w/the infection.  I get my stitches out tomorrow...I think I will pop a Vicadin before going...my steri strips are still all in tact too..
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Thank you ALL for your kind words.  

WRT, the turtleneck and possibility of infection from it, I mentioned to the surgeon that I was wearing turtlenecks bcz the wound felt so great I even forgot it was there.  

I had surgery on 1/9 .. so 2/2 was 3 weeks post op .. I guess anything is possible....but the wound seamed healed to me and I didn't touch the wound directly .. used cotton pads to clean around it, etc., etc.

I thought maybe I got a germ from the pediatrician office recently bcz my son had a raging ear infection (almost ruptured and the stuff from his nose was = to that infection .. you get the picture) but they said no because the whole wound would have been infected and that this came from the inside out.

Dr. asked me if I am getting enough sleep?  The answer was a definite yes .. and that I'm doing just fine all around and sleeping fine and life is back to normal with nothing different.  Only change is that I am now on Synthroid and it is agreeing with fine.

If anything, with the winter weather things are even a bit more layed back for me.  I did go thru emotional stress for 2 weeks after the surgery after learing I had pap cancer,but I am fine with that the past 3 weeks .. but maybe that had something to do with immune system being weakened ??

I'm going to do the Vit C .. I have to pass on the other ones bcz of my kidney stones which are calicum oxalate .. they don't even want me to do cranberry juice for urinary infections bcz a stone can get big unbelievably fast.  

Thanks to the poster who recalled my dental abcess problems prior to surgery ...... I am still walking around with a temp filling in the 2nd tooth with an appt for mid-March for the crown.  Giving it all time to heal but the root canals are history and all is doing so well in that dept.

Thanks again .. this board is such a wonderful resource for friends and support!!!!!!

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