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Switch from PTU or Tapazole?

After years of having Grave's and mostly managing it with my primary doctor, I got an endocrinologist. My lab work right before the appointment was in a normal range and I have been on PTU for years. I had been experiencing itching that I told him about. He said I could switch to Tapazole, since it's one pill a day and he said it might help with the itching. Well, I haven't started the Tapazole yet, still on PTU, and my itching is gone. I went to an allergist and she said I had a skin disorder called dermatographic urticaria, that seems to coincide with thyroid disorders, and that's what was causing the itching.

I guess my feeling is if PTU has me in a normal range and I've been taking it a long time without side effects, why should I introduce a new drug to my body that I may react to? I don't mind taking the pill twice a day and it seems PTU didn't cause my recent bout of itchiness. So is there any reason why I should go ahead with Tapazole, or can I stick to PTU? Is Tapazole any healthier or better?
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I would stick with the PTU because as it is taken more than once a day, the effects of it cover the period when you are awake.
I was taking Methimazole 3 times a day as it would wear off quickly, the palps would start and excessive sweating.
By taking the CBZ 3 times a day, it never gave me thyroid chance to 'fire up' especially around 3-4am when the thyroid dumps the most hormone.
Anyone who is hyperthyroid would know that waking around that time of the morning due to excess sweating and fast heartrate...would know what I mean.
I always took my last dose before bedtime to avoid waking up around 4am every morning.
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ok so it seems the main advantage of tapazole would be once-daily dose?
oh... i don't know!
tapazole is often prescribed first, before PTU. i wonder why you got put onto PTU first.
it's said to have better long-term effectiveness, over PTU.
PTU is usually preferred for use during pregnancy.

i was on a 'zole - during which i had minor itching - but i put that down to me running slightly hypo at the time - i think it was the (temporary) hypo condition rather than the medication.

great job of managing and normalising your graves', btw; it's such a bag of worms. good luck.
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