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Test question (different ranges)

I got my frees tested at a hospital this time...whole different ranges and numbers--trying to wrap my head around it...FT4 seems higher than it normaly is and FT# seems lower than usual...thoughts anyone? Are these numbers ok? Thanks so much!

FT3 2.94  (2.18 - 3.98 pg/ml)
FT4 1.23  (.76 - 1.46 ng/dl)

insurance covered this but going back to my regular testing next time!

OLD results for reference:
T3, FREE 4.0    -( 2.3-4.2 pg/mL)
T4, FREE 1.2.    -( 0.8-1.8 ng/dL)
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I think I would have more confidence in the Quest test results.  I doubt hospitals even run FT3 tests very oftenr, so that is a reason to be skeptical.  As always, more important  is symptoms.  How are you feeling at present?  If you have no hypo symptoms, why worry about the test results?   If you feel well, just try to maintain your levels.  I do suggest that you supplement B12 to get it to the upper part of its range.   Also, have you been tested for ferritin?
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Hi! Did you see the post below where my FT3 is now 8.4?- Just wante to be sure you saw that part...I am a bit worried
As I said above. based  on everything  you have told us, I would have lots more confidence on Quest results.   So there is no way I would believe your FT3 is that high.   No need to worry.  Please  answer my question about symptoms and ferritin testing.
Thanks, sorry about that! It's just that Acella has had problems with potency in the past and I'd gone hyPO just months ago and had definite hypo symptoms.

My ferritin came back high yet again - 477 -- just had my first appt with hematologist as he is the one who ordered a lot of tests. I won't see him to discuss results until beginning of January.....thanks so much for your thoughts bc seeing that number freaked me out.

Symptoms...I'd had many hypo ones at the time of this original post and once I got a new bottle of med 6 weeks ago, I'd started to feel better...have slept better definitely. I can't say I FEEL hyper and have even been constipated lately. I'm pretty mad that I have to spend the money to test again, but i will be this coming week just to be sure. it's unfortunate that I'll have to bombard this new doc with allll the tests---I had him run the frees bc he ordered a TSH only (not seeing him about thyroid at all but must be standard?) I'd hoped the free tests I had him order would offset his reaction to the suppressed TSH and then that high number came back.

B12- I cannot take supplements- I'd asked my regular doc for prescription injections but he said I'd have to be below range for him to do it----hoping the hematologist will give me said prescription soon.

Thank you so much! I have been freaking out. Even when I was on 180mg per day years ago...I'd never seen a FT3 that high!! So much for saving money getting it done there...now the focus will be on that rather than other things I'm actually seeing him for. TBH he didn't seem bothered by my high ferritin-I took a bunch of old tests to that 1st appt to show him....go figure.

Maybe I'll have some answers soon, but probably not - I was most worried about what thyroid med I was going to have switch to!
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Lab results can vary over time.  How far apart were the tests?  Also, lab results and their associated ranges can vary from lab to lab.  In this case I would compare results as a percentage of the range.  For your old results the FT3 was at 90% and FT4 at 40% of their ranges.  For the new results, FT3 was 42% and FT4 67%.

Without more info it is not obvious why the percentages changed like that.   So it would be interesting to know if you are on thyroid mediation.  If so, what type and dosage change between tests, if any.   Also, most important to any diagnosis is an evaluation for symptoms typical of hypothyroidism..   What symptoms, if any, do you have?  
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Thanks, Gimel--I can never figure out those percentages! I am on Np Thyroid - about 126mg per day. I ALWAYS get my own testing done at Quest but had a chance to get the Free's thrown into some other tests I was having so my insurance would cover it.

I lowered my dose a year ago slightly as the free t3 was just over the top. I've had two more tests before this latest one that were almost identical in January and May and my dose is unchanged- just had the test at a hospital this time.
January & May tests roughly the same- (one time ft3 was 4.1):
FT3 4.0  (2.3 - 4.2)
Ft4  1.2   (.8 - 1.8)

I did get my Vit D from 38 up to 69! My B12 is still below 300.

I do not take med before testing.

For some weeks I'd felt like I'd been hit by a truck, but I'd been traveling and had a ton of stress and other things that caused that I'm sure

I'd written in a past post that before I lowered my dose a year ago, I was finally at a healthy weight (I was able to gain it even with higher ft3) and now I'm stick thin again.

Wishing I hadn't gotten those tests now but it makes me wonder what tests from Quest would look like now in comparison. I have never seen such dramatic changes over the years, really.
Thank you!
GIMEL! I had some other tests being done so I asked for FT3 and FT4 - this time a whole different hospital with whole different ranges.

Back in October, my numbers were down with no reason, and i felt awful....The drug company that makes NP Thyroid sent me a fresh bottle and I've been taking them since. I have to say that I am sleeping like a baby which is weird bc of new numbers. I wasn't going to test my levels until the end of the month but got these yesterday bc it was convenient and I was curious.

October tests at hospital #! (on weak? NP)
FT3 2.94  (2.18 - 3.98 pg/ml)
FT4 1.23  (.76 - 1.46 ng/dl)

Yesterdays tests at hospital #2 on NP the company sent me:
FT3  8.4      (2.5 - 3.9 pg/mL)
Ft4   1.30    (0.89 - 1.76 ng/dL)

What fresh hell?? All these years I'd ordered my own tests from Quest or Labcorp and often wondered if they were even accurate bc they are almost always the same numbers and 2 months, 2 hospitals and wildly varying numbers and NO DOSAGE CHANGE on my part. I am so confused I have no idea what to do---I do not have a doctor that understands suppressed TSH let alone where the Frees should be and now a drug whose company cannot keep the strength of their med the same across the board. I was NOT expecting to see 8.4 on any test today!!

Out of curiosity, I may spend the extra money just to see what a Quest result would look like right now- hadn't had hospital thyroid tests in years...and had held steady FT3 between 3.9 and 4.4 over the years on their tests even when tweaking dose and this makes me wonder for sure. Any thoughts are appreciated

(As always, at time of testing, it had been 24 hours since I last took med)
Gimel, My ferritin is also still high- but I am seeing a hematologist now-might know something after next appointment.
I see nothing wrong with your FT4 and FT3 levels as long as you have few/no hypo symptoms.   /So why not stay on the same dose and stop worrying about that.   If the doctor gives you and difficulty about a low TSH  say that your thyroid results are in range and you feel well, so there is no need to change.  TSH is a useless test when taking a significant dose of thyroid med.  You can confirm this from a paper I co-authored with two knowledgeable guys, one of is a retired Endocrinologist who has co-authored over 100 papers on thyroid related issues.   Here is a link.


Please let me know what you learn from the Hematologist.  

Best to you.
Mel, you're the best!! Thank you!!
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Before further discussion, I should have asked if you delay your morning thyroid med dose until after the blood draw?  The reason I ask is that it affects the results.
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