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The chances of me having Thyroid Cancer?

Hi dear Doctors
I am a 26 years old female. I have had a cold nodule on my right thyroid lobe for almost 5 years ( thats the first time I noticed it). The size is 3.1X1.7X2.1 cm, and it hasn't changed in 5 years. I don't have any pains, or any other obvious issue related to my thyroid. My mother's family has a history of Goiters (all benign). My FNA biopsies always came back as benign, until the last one which came out as:
The cytological findings demonstrate a follicular lesion with Hurtle cell features, The differential diagnosis should include nodular hyperplasia with adenomatoid features and a true neoplastic follicular lesion. The absence of reactivity for HBME-1 would favor a benign process, however the cytological evaluation alone for neoplastic follicular lesions is insufficient to predict the clinical behavior. Clinico-radiological correction required.

I am now scheduled to have a surgery for removing my thyroid and the nodule in February. I wanted to know how are the chances of it being cancerous? And which type of thyroid cancer you think it most likely would be?

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The nodule with such features has 15 to 30% chance of being malignant [according to the literature] core biopsy can be more informative for making decision if omly affected lobe or whole thyroid must be removed
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I think they are worried about the "Hurtle cell features" as Hurtle Cell cancer is a type of thyroid cancer.
However, it can just be a a benign, follicular adenoma.
I have thyroid cancer running in my family and had a single, cold, big nodule and had to have it out in my 20's too - mine was benign and a follicular adenoma. I hope yours is the same!
The chances of being cancerous are not high... but that will not stop you from being nervous. Most are not aggressive.
Just make sure they preserve your parathyroids!
Best of luck and let us know how it turns out.
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