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Thyroglobulin Antibodies

My thyroglobulin antibodies were 295 but reference range is <20!!! However my T-4 was 1.3 & my TSH was 0.64 both in NORMAL range! Anyone ever had this type of reading & could possibly shed some light on WHY the antibodies would be so high but the T-4 & TSH be NORMAL?
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You can have Hashimotos or Graves Disease with other levels still being normal. I don't yet understand all the numbers other than TSH, my levels were ok and still have both the diseases requiring treatment because of symptoms. this was found thru antibody testing. Others will offer more help. Do you have symptoms?

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Yes, I have a lump in my throat. I have went for blood work & an ultrasound. However I haven't seen the Endo yet. My primary DR said it is the beginning of Hashimotos. He also said its no big deal that I get in to see the Endo right away so I don't have an appt till the 27th of July. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced such HIGH levels & been told its NOT a big deal. I'm a new & breastfeeding mom so contributed the other symtoms to my hormones trying to regulate. However I think that alot of these symptoms come from the Hashimoto instead because I didn't experience these symptoms with my other children. Although I do know that EVERY pregnancy is different. I'm trying to get these ?'s in on the ask the DR page but it seems to be FULL all the time. Thank you for your response!!!    
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I also have a high thyroglobin count around 6 x times the normal range.
The rest of of blood results are fine. My doctor said it might be related to my thyroid cancer or it might not be. Totally confused..

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hashimoto's thyroiditis can create these type of levels.  your TgAb and Anti-TPO levels will be high (as mine are) and your T3 and T4 levels can be totally normal (as mine are too!) and your TSH can be anywhere all over the place (which, you guessed it, mine are as well).  i have had my TSH tested three times in the past 2 months and i've had scores of 7.83, 2.93 and 5.12 in that order.  both times my Anti-TPO was tested i was over 400 and my thyroglobulin antibodies were 33.  the nature of hashimoto's is that you can fluctuate from hypo- to hyperthyroid back and forth (and you TSH levels would be the best indicator of this).  it seems as though you have Hashi's like i do.

and i HATE doctors who don't get you in right away!!  call back and make a stink until they bump up your appt.  2 1/2 months down the road is completely unacceptable!
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