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Thyroid Lab results

Listed below are my previous lab results, at taking 25 mgs. of Synthroid. I'm feeling great at the level's below. However, my PCP wants my TSH level around 1, in which he's confirmed my discussion with him about him treating symptoms before levels. Is not gonna happen. He wants to increase my Synthroid to 50mgs. Please advise if I should increase with these levels below. I promise I'm won't hold anyone to their advice. Just being new to all of this thyroid disease and still learning. I'm really afraid to up my dosage with the below level's, seeing that I'm feeling great where I'm at. Due to past experience with convincing my PCP in taking other med's. I'm sure I can convince him at staying at 25 mgs. but really would like advice from knowledgeable people. Thank so much for all feedback.


TSH- 2.57         range 0.40-4.50
Free T3 -3.2      range 2.3-4.2
Free T4 1.1       range 0.8-1.8

Previous labs prior to starting 25 mgs. synthroid for the first time on 8/23/2013,

TSH 7.41 mIU/L High  Range: 0.40-4.50
T4,Free 1.0 ng/dL       Range: 0.8-1.8

Unfortunately, my PCP at this time did not add my Free T3. He's now at my request gonna always check all 3.

I've also noticed that my Lipid panel, cholesterol, LDL, Trig. ect. have all lowered from my Aug. labs.
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Hi friend, my assumption is, pcp is increasing dose, to prevent future increase in TSH, due to previous labs.  

Best to discuss with your pcp, if your feeling great, all that matters.  
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My thoughts exactly. Just wanted to confirm, being that I'm a beginner in learning about thyroid disease & levels. Thanks for your response.
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I agree also.  If you feel well, little else matters.

Before discovering that I have a pituitary issue that keeps my TSH right around 20.0, my doctors were determined to get it down despite the fact that I kept telling them "my symptoms are all gone...I feel fine".  We know ourselves best, so go with your gut.  

Do you know if you have Hashi's?
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Hi there! thanks for responding. I really appreciate all of everyone's assistance in helping me learn, understand & watch out for my best interest in sharing your knowledge about thyroiditis. Yes, I do have Hashimoto's. I'm gonna send my PCP a message over the portal, telling him that I've thought about it and not gonna take the 50mgs. being that I'm feeling great. Have a great day!
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Just bear in mind that with Hashi's, you will continue to lose thyroid function over time, so you will have to increase meds to compensate for the continuing loss.  However, there is no way to anticipate how long that will take.  It can take decades or just a few months.  So, if you feel hypo symptoms returning, call your doctor, retest and increase if necessary.

Good luck!
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Thank you for the feedback. I'm aware that the need to increase my med's as my thyroid function decreases will eventually happen. Actually, I do feel well at this time. Therefore, was afraid to increase my synthroid at all. I am gonna skip my dose of protonix in the am & see if my indigestion is gone. If so, then that will take care of all my hypo symptoms. Also, per a couple of other members suggestions. I'm gonna just increase another 12.5 mgs. to my 25 mgs. daily and see how I do on that. Per calculation that another member figured out for me, I still have room to allow more. So, we'll see how that works for me. I've to do repeat labs in 4 wks. again. Well, that's what my PCP wants, but gives me my lab slip and I might wait for 5 wks. after increase.
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