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Thyroid Levels Keep Going Up and Down


I am so overwhelmed. So, I got CT done on June 2021 and ever since then I have been having strange

The CT was to check for my lymph nodes, it was a usual check up per year, we usually do US, but this time my doc wanted a CT with contrast. Contrast includes iodine.

Ever since I got home, I have been having strange symptoms for the last 5 months. It started with nerve pain in my head, then move its way to my other body parts, they were brief and small, then all those areas became numb. I had heart palpitations could not sleep, strange anxiety, less sleep when I tried. Then I started having issues with heat, now I don't sweat like I used to. Current symptoms starting from Sept. to now: ringing in ears, hearing getting lower, numbness in the areas where it tingled and had pain, can't feel most of my sensory nerves.

It all started when my doctor ordered an US thyroid, they found I had inflammation with small nodular appearance. We have been checking my levels of  TSH, T3, T4 they hormones always stayed the same, but at the beginning I had low TSH then it went up to High TSH now its back to LOW. So, from sub-hyperthyroidism to sub-hypothyroidism to now it being sub-hyperthyroidism. I am so confused I want to know what's causing my nerve issues, my neurologist and ever neurologist i see keep saying its the thyroid, my endo is so confused herself. Other thing is changing is my T4 is going down slowly but the t3 is good always. I do have tumor in my pituitary but it never acted up in the past so I am confused on what is going on?

I also have loss of smell and taste, this happened prior to covid it was going down slowly, then now its complete numbness in nose and mouth.

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What are the exact levels of your Free T4, Free T3 and TSH, with reference ranges?  Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies to determine if you have Hashimoto's?  It's quite common in beginning stages of Hashimoto's to swing back and forth between hyper and hypo - but you're only hyper/hypo if you have symptoms of either or if your actual thyroid hormones (Free T4 and Free T3) indicates such.  TSH is an indicator only and doesn't always coincide with actual thyroid levels, which need to be tested every time you have a TSH test.

Do  you have nodules on your thyroid?  Nodules are also common with Hashimoto's.  
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I had autoimmune work up no autoimmune diseases. I still think it's too early to tell and my doc believes so as well. we both think either the ct iodine or the vaccine triggered it, she leans more towards the vaccine because she had a lot of people who got covid vaccinated and started having autoimmune thyroid issues. The numbers the free t3 and free t4 are within range. Tsh goes up and down.

But I agree with you. I talked to her last night she said are you having symptoms and I said yes. I think I will heal eventually but if it is permeant thing I think it might be Hashimoto. I re-test with her in couple weeks for the thyroid levels only and since we did the autoimmune testing she doesn't want to run it again but I am gonna push for another run of tests just because I'm having more hypo symptoms then hyper.
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EDIT:  June- August LOW TSH, normal t4 and t3   Sept: HIGH TSH, normal t3, t4    Now: LOW TSH, normal t3, t4

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NOTE: I meant to say since June only thing that goes up and down is my TSH, they were low at first, then they became high in December then, now it's low again. I am so confused.
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