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Thyroid Surgery

Hi everyone, I've been having thyroid problems for many years, I have a multi nodular goitre, with a cyst on the left lobe. I found out today it has pushed my trachea way out off line and I'm finally going to have surgery to remove part of it. You would not believe the fight I have had to get this far and it's only by insisting the consultant look again at my scans that it was discovered how bad things are. He dismissed my symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, pain, difficulty breathing/swallowing etc said that thyroid difficulties would not cause this, I said I could no longer cope so he literally looked at the scan from a different angle and low and behold he was  shocked! I am now really worried I have cancer that has spread, as I have had increasing constant left side breast, under arm and back pain for a very long time which the doctors have again dismissed without scans! I also have had shingles around my left ear/scalp resulting in mild left side facial paralysis. I'm now going to have to fight for more scans and I literally do not have any faith that I will be taken seriously! Sorry mega post!!
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Just to put your mind at ease - nodules that are suspicious for cancer would show up on the scans.  There can be a number of reasons for a nodule swelling.  Less than 5% of all thyroid nodules turn out to be cancer and thyroid cancer rarely spreads.  Although anything is possible, it's unlikely that your breast and back pain are caused by any type of cancer.  

Depending on your age, you may need mammogram on a regular basis anyway.
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Yes thankfully the cyst hasn't grown just the lobe itself has swollen. I'm in so much pain though and feel really ill, I will be very glad to have it removed! I am going to get the rest off my body scanned privately to reassure myself! My Mum, Sister and Aunt all passed from cancer Appendix, Lung and Liver.And my cousin has Leukaemia. While these are not supposed to be linked genetically, I do feel I need to be cautious!
I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain.  I'm sure having the thyroid/nodule pushing on your trachea is making it very difficult.   I'm sure you will be glad to have it removed.   You're right that the cancers you mentioned aren't, typically genetic, but I understand your fears.  I have a brother who has had prostate and esophageal cancer, one who had lung and colon cancer (now deceased), a sister with breast cancer, another sister with leukemia/lymphoma and another sister who has had bladder, kidney, and lung cancers along with a couple of melanomas.   So far I'm the only one of my family who has not had a cancer of some kind and I have a suspicious thyroid nodule and an abnormality in my breast, along with adenomas on my adrenal glands and cysts on my kidneys.  It can get kind of scary.  I wasn't aware that one can just request a body scan and get it - what type of scan will you be getting?
You can request any type off scan privately although it can be quite expensive! I had my operation last week, left lobe removed, multiple nodules with biggest measuring 2.8cm. Surgeon said everything looked fine but I read on his doctor's report 'Suspicion of Cancer?!' Have a review start of Nov so will get pathology results I guess and he wants to discuss removing the right side.
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Hi, sorry to read of  all you difficulties.  My thyroid swelled, crushed, offset my trachea, my entire thyroid was removed.  Afterwards I was able to breathe.  Wish you well pre/post opt surgery.  
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