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Thyroid diet

I there a comprehensive list of foods I should avoid? Such as cruciferous vegetabIes, soy bean products and iodine. I was just diagnoised with Hashimoto Disease.

Thanks very much.
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Stella, that's a great list, saved me going through pages and pages of maybe this maybe that...  So what about seafood? good/bad?  Thanks.
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Hi there....as for the cruciferous veggies, they can be eaten if cooked....When these veggies are cooked the chemical structure changes and isn't harmful. But the raw ones such as cabbage, broccoli, etc should be avoided. I would definately stay away from the soy bean products as all the reading I have done says it is not good for people with thyroid disorders. Iodine is a funny one. I think that would depend on if you have a thyroid disorder due to low iodine levels, etc. I agree with Stella on a good diet limiting sugar, no artificial sweetners, no msg.  I think the best nuts to snack on are almonds. I think some of the complex carbs are important in moderation. Good protein and lots of veggies. Some fruits are okay in moderation if you do not have a candida problem.
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Flamenca:  I always had this question so I hope you get more responses.  I've only read smatterings of info but nothing comprehensive.

stella5349:  Can you share where you're getting your info.  I'm interested in reading more about that.  Honestly, I've never come across anything that says 'no bread' unless you also have celiac's disease.  Also, I read nut are good but not all of them.  Walnuts should be avoided or limited when on thyroid med because they can possibly neutralize it.
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Low carb diet - no bread - pasta - flour - limit whole grains - no sugar natural or artificial. Brown sugar Ok once in a while.

Limit fruits high in sugar! Alcohol is sugar too. Limit milk products

Maintain a high green veggie diet with lean "good" protein meats - hormone free! Nuts are good and yogart - I know it has milk - but it has many other supporting factors.

It a tough change but you will adjust well and won't crave the other stuff after a while.
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