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Thyroid level

On March 16 I got my thyroid checked due to some abnormal spotting. The test done was TSH=5.00. The doctor gave me another test on March 28 and ordered a FT4, T4 and T34. He also prescribed me Medroxyprogesterone 10MG (1 tablet daily for 10 days) I saw the physician at the endocrinologist and she said my thyroid levels my fluctuate because of stress and because I’m still breastfeeding my almost 2 yr old. Did my levels change because of the medroxyprogresterone I had took?

March 28
TSH= 1.720
FT4= 1.54
T4= 8.0
T34= 29
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What is the reference range for the Free T4 and Total T4 and T3?   Ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report?

Unfortunately, Total T4 and T3 aren't very useful for determining thyroid function.  Your doctor should have ordered Free T3 instead of the Total T3, but we'll use what we have.

Am I understanding correctly that you were already on the medroxyprogresterone when you had the original TSH test with the result of 5.0?  

Whether or not medroxyprogresterone affects TSH levels is controversial, but those who take it and are also on replacement thyroid hormones "may" need higher dosages of thyroid medication.

It's important to note that TSH is variable and can be affected by many things other than actual thyroid hormones.  It can fluctuate by as much as 70-75% over the course of a day.  The endo is correct that stress and breastfeeding can cause fluctuation.

Because of the variability of TSH, it's really impossible to say if it was the medroxyprogresterone that caused the rise in your TSH.  If you are currently off that medication, it would be in your best interest to try to get another set of thyroid hormone tests done to see where you stand at this point.  Next time insist on Free T4 and Free T3, along with the TSH, instead of Total T4 and Total T3.
Hello and thanks for responding. I didn’t but get the copy of My results however I saw it written down on a paper the doctor had given me to give the nurse. I took the medroxyprogresterone pill starting on March 16 (the day my TSH was 5.00) and finished on the 25th. On the 28 I got my results which I posted above and everything came back normal.  That’s why I was asking if the  medroxyprogresterone pill caused my thyroid to go back to normal ? The medroxyprogresterone pill was prescribed for abnormal bleeding
Not to confuse you.  I was given 2 blood tests. March 16 TSH=5.00 and on March 28= results above (normal)
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Okay, I wasn't sure about the timing of the medroxyprogresterone.  

That won't change the fact that it's impossible to tell whether the change in TSH was caused by the medroxyprogresterone or not.  That's because of the natural variability of TSH, as well as the controversy surrounding the medroxyprogresterone.

Hypothyroidism can cause erratic periods as I'm the doctor explained.  Since TSH was the only test done at that time, it's hard to say if you were really hypo or if something else was going on.  
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