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To treat or not to treat?

I keep getting different responses from physicians and my own research to the question, to treat or not to treat...I've experienced a sudden onset of fatigue with symptoms of anxiety and depression and my TPO antibodies resulted at 54, but my FT4 and TSH are "within normal limits", depending on which limits are considered 'normal'...that is also been debatable. If I'm symptomatic with TPO antibodies and other lab work has been normal, should this been treated with HRT? Thank you in advance for your opinion and participation...
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The majority of the "debate" comes on TSH and there really should be no debate on that.  The AACE determined several years ago that the "normal" range for that should be 0.3-3.0 -- the problem is that labs/ doctors refuse to "get with the program" and make the necessary changes............As for the FT4 - that does depend on the lab since different labs use different ranges and/or units of measurement depending on the method of analyzing the sample.  There are also some labs that use different range for the TPOab also.  

All that said, if you could post the actual lab results of your TSH and FT4, along with the lab's reference ranges, that would help members more fully understand your situation. You should also try to get an FT3 since that is the actual hormone the body uses.  TSH is a pituitary hormone and can vary greatly even a different times of the day, and is not a good indicator of actual thyroid function.  You should go by your symptoms, first; then FT3/FT4..........

With the elevated TPOab,  it would appear that there IS something going on; however, without actual lab results to help determine if you could be hypo or hyper, it's very hard to say WHAT is going on.  
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What were your TSH and T4? You said wether they were "within normal" range was debatable.
There are some good articles online about "subclinical" hypothyroidism and treatment options if any... There is a lot of controversy on the subject but if you are having symptoms AND have elevated antibodies AND your TSH T4 is "debatably" within limits then i would definitely consider treatment myself, it seems it is probably inevetable at some point and i don't think you should have to wait until your labs fully indicate it.
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do you know what your test result numbers are? having anitbodies says something IS going on.....if you can,post your latest labs. the fatigue and anxiety can be symptoms of an out of whack thyroid....most of us here have been told many times that our lab/blood work looks "fine" but still feel sick from unbalanced hormones.
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