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Underactive Thyroid

Please see my story under heading of Doug's msge about his marriage being ripped apart.

Interested to hear about others who have been diagnosed for about a year and who feel rough - despite taking Levythyroxine, normal tests etc. etc.  
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If you are still feeling hypo, it's because your meds are not properly adjusted for YOU.  

Please post your most recent thyroid labs along with reference ranges that vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report.

Also, what is your medication history?

What are your symptoms?

Do you know the cause of your hypo, i.e. do you have Hashi's?
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Its been almost 3 years for me.  Literally, this week (the last 4 weeks)  I have started to feel better after 3 years.   It does take tests, trial and error.   First you have to make sure what is wrong with you.  Then you need to make sure you are on proper treatment.   It takes 6 weeks in between doses to do it right.  Every week is a week marked off on the calendar.   Test day is a big day in my house.   Very important day for me.   Patience is very important.   Then you need more patience.
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Thanks for writing.
my recent results were: TSH - 0,4 (the normal range they give in UK - 0.3 to 4.2)  Free T4 - 19.8 (range for normal - 12 - 22).
Am due to have blood tests tmrw for Free T4 and Free T3.  Awaiting apptment with Endocrinologist.
I have been taking Levothyroxine since Feb 2011.
I was taking Mirtazapine last year for about 6-7 mths - finished July.
Started on Citalopram 1 May 2012.
Have been having severe depression, fatigue, headaches, ache in hip joints in bed, my thyroid I think is now slightly enlarged and sometimes I feel it pulsing, just odd.  No energy or motivation just want to go to bed.
Prefer to avioid contact with other people - not maintaining any friendships like I used to do.
I am peri-menopausal - last period so far Aug 2011.
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Thank you for replying.
What is your condition?
I think part of why I am finding it hard to cope - is because of the dramatic changes in my life over last 4 years, severe depression, and then just as I was trying to mend I am diagnosed with hypothyridism, and not realising at the time how complicated it would be.
I dont know why thyroid failed no doctor has ever told me, but I will be bringing that up with the Endo.  I am going thru Menopause, so that is there with all its hormone challenges as well,  
So here am I back on anti-depressants and experiencing nausea and fatigue.  Extreme anxiousness, had that for ages.
You say three years - wow!  Are you married?  I hope my husband can survive.  
Have high cholesterol now and understand that is elevated by mis-managed thyroid - although my doctor said it was a separate issue.  She clearly is out of her depth and does not want to say too much.  But she said in her opinion my symptoms are not likely to be as a result of thyroid as all my test are OK!!!
Wonder if I will ever be normal again.  It takes so long and does not help if medical folk dont know what they are doing.
Best wishes.
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many people find they need their FT4 in the middle of the range (50%) or slightly higher AND their Free T3 in the UPPER 1/3 of the range.

Your FT4 is at 78% of the range.  

It will be interesting to see what your Free T3 is.

You seem to still have Hypo symptoms even with your FT4 levels well up into the range.

You might want to consider a few more tests.

Reverse T3

24 hour Cortisol test to test for adrenal fatigue.  I say this because you say you've struggled with symptoms for years.

Vit B-12
Vit D3

People who are low on thyroid also tend to be deficient in one or more of these other things.  Also note that the ranges for the vitamins etc are often extremely wide. And many people need to be well up into the range over mid range if not towards the top of the range in these vitamins in order to feel well.

B-12 and D3 and iron are all particularly known for fatigue.

Finally you may want to be tested to determine if you have autoimmune condition.  The primary for low thyroid is Hashimoto's.  This can be tested by looking for TWO different antibody's.  The tests are TPOab and TGab.  A 3rd autoimmune condition is more related to Hyper or too high thyroid known as Graves disease, this is test is the TSI test.

Hashi's would be indicated if either or both TPOab or TGab are elevated above the normal range.  Graves is similar with elevated TSI.

It IS possible for someone to have BOTH Graves (hyper) AND Hashimoto's although it doesn't appear too commonly.

Hashi's is the most common cause for low thyroid in the developed world.

I mention Reverse T3 (RT3) and the Cortisol test because people who tend to have thyroid levels that appear to be well up in the range and still are showing Hypo symptoms may have either adrenal fatigue or reverse T3 conversion problem.  The result is that the thyroid in you blood doesn't actually get into the body's cells.
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I agree that it will be interesting to see your FT3.  Be sure they order it in such a way that the lab doesn't refuse to do it.  (We've heard of U.K. doctors ordering FT3 only to have labs refuse to run it.)  Your FT4 was quite high last time, so it's very likely that the answer to what's causing your symptoms is your FT3 level.

Keep us posted...
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