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I now have a multinodular goiter {painful at times}  The Endo is not concerned about; however, when the synthroid runs out, difficulty swallowing comes back.  Yet, palpitations occur when I am on the doulble dose of synthroid {can't win for loosing}  I am feeling horrible!!  I feel like I am continuously falling apart.  My new PCM says he now thinks I have MVP or a heart murmur.  Urrr.  They keep finding things wrong with me, but not getting to the bottom of what is causing all of this!!!! URRRR.  Help please, anyone!
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If your TSH is too hyper you can get symptoms as you describe --- pls. ask them for a repeat TSH bloodwork as they assess all this .. although I"m not a Dr., just a patient that's what comes to mind.

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Hey Viv! Sorry to hear that you are feeling awful. I am not feeling too great either. Can I ask what number you were with the Ferritin levels? Mine are 4!!! I am seeing a hematologist today because this iron isnt helping!! Private message me when you get a chance..
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Im sorry to hear your not feeling well!, U say u get palpations in ur neck? doesnt it feel like someone is choking u?, Thats how mine feel... Anyways... I think that you should get copies of all thyroid test and all other kinds of bloodwork because A situation that happend to me was.. I was on the within noraml limits of both  TSH and T4, The docs said I was fine... but I didnt see the bloodwork and I felt like ****! (still in the process of working it out).. Finally I got copies of all test and bc they didnt tell me that I was on high ranges within normal limits... I decided that there could  be more done and I can get right where I want to be and just find another doctor... Dont listen to "Your fine" if u know u dont feel right. Listen to your body because no one knows it like you do.
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