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Is it possible to loss weight with an in active thyroid How do people do it How do I start where do I get the energy. I am 35 yrs old and weight 280 pounds my husband is very support of but where do I start and how is the medication going to help I had a life before and Know I just hid in my room after work. Please I need advice I want to be the one that I was before but how do I start and would it even work.
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It IS possible to lose weight with an inactive thyroid, but it can be slow and disappointing sometimes. Make sure that you are on thyroid replacement therapy of some kind from your doctor first, since inactive thyroid can cause many more serious medical problems than weight (high cholesterol, slow heartbeat, heart failure). Make sure your diet contains many basic foods (lowfat milk, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, enriched grains). It is true for ANYONE, thyroid problem or not, that lots of cane sugar, starch, fat and oil are bad for both weight AND energy, so keep that in mind when you look at your daily diet. Exercise is the most difficult, but it does not always have to be on a DVD or at a gym. Walk around a shopping mall, clean some of the house, dance to 2 or 3 of your favorite songs. It all counts.

Fell better soon!
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Not sure everyone would agree, but in my opinion the prospects for losing weight when hypothyroid are somewhere between extremely difficult and not possible.  Of course this depends somewhat on how hypo you are.  Also, weight loss from extreme dieting and exercise, while hypo, tend to be unsustainable over the longer term.

The best solution is to find a good thyroid doctor, by which I mean one that will treat you by testing and adjusting the levels of the actual, biologically active thyroid hormones, FT3 and FT4, as necessary to relieve your symptoms, without being constrained by resultant levels of TSH.  Note that FT3 and FT4 are not the same as total T3 and total T4.  Frequently symptom relief necessitates that FT3 is adjusted into the upper part of its reference range and FT4 is adjusted to at least midpoint of its range.  

Once you find a good thyroid doctor that will treat you in this manner, and you get your FT3 and FT4 levels up to the point that your metabolism and other body functions are normalized, that's when you can lose weight.  At that point proper diet and exercise will also add to the possibility for weight loss.  

If you have had any thyroid testing done, please post the results and the associated reference ranges for each test, so that members can help interpret where you are currently.  Also, do you have other symptoms of being hypo besides low metabolism?

As we find out more about your situation it may well be that other testing would also be advisable to find out possible causes for your being hypo.  Also, dependent on the length of time you have had the problem, other systems may have been affected and need to be checked out.  Being hypo is seriously not good for you.  It can cause many other problems with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.   So you really owe it to yourself and family to get this checked out soon.
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How long have you been on the medication?  It is possible you may need to have your TSH levels checked and your dose adjusted because at the very least you should have more energy.  It depends on how long you have been taking the thyroid supplement.
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I think you misunderstood.  There was no info that Mari has started taking any medication.  In addition, testing for TSH only is a waste of time and money.  TSH is a pituitary hormone that is affected by so many variables that it is totally inadequate as a diagnostic.  At best it is an indicator, to be considered along with far more important indicators, including symptoms and the levels of the actual, biologically active thyroid hormones FT3 and FT4.  FT3 has been shown to correlate best with hypo symptoms.  TSH does not.
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Ok let me tell you....I spent 15 miserable lousy years trying to prove to doctors that I had a thyroid disorder. I went from super anorexia looking to super tubby fat-lard (look at my photos and you will see the one of me from a while back)
I decided one day that enough was enough. I was ALWAYS fit and active. Heck I used to carry two toddlers, and a ton of groceries home uphill on a 20 minute walk!

No medication, for me back then. I knew from my thyroid blood draws I was hypo and a strong family history, but no one would listen. I was just sick of being unable to do what I used to do. So I devised a plan. I could go into long detail here, but I think if you PM'd me I know I can help you.

I went up to 102 kilos  (224lbs) I actually stopped weighing myself when I got to 102kgs. It scared the beegeebees outta me to see the numbers.....I am only average in height.

It is not an easy road, I can tell you, but with determination, (and more than likely good thyroid levels!) you can do it!
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this is mari005 Iam intersted on any advice that you want to offer me please email me back I am willing to try anything that help you. waiting for your email  mari
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